Insert Swearish Rant Here


One of our paramedics died in the line of duty, another is injured physically and mentally.... it barely registered in local media, and nothing in the national news. Not even a statement from our Premier. And even the local news stories, buried way down, were gone within 48 hours.

A cop died in the line of duty... national and local news are all over it, front page coverage, statements from politicians.

Emergency and first responders... we all wear a uniform, we all serve the public, we all face dangers while performing our duties. And we're often on calls together, working side by side as allied services. Why are our paramedic's line of duty death and serious injury so worthless?????

Do the media, the politicians, the public, think we don't f*cking notice? When someone wants an ambulance, they want it there now. But they don't give a f*ck about the humans on that ambulance. They're ignoring everything we're going through on a daily basis. They're f*cking oblivious to the code reds, the hallway waits, the mandatory OT, the short staffing, the trucks that are barely running, the lack of washroom breaks, the piss poor work/life balance. People only seem to give a f*ck when they need an ambulance, and have to wait (and wait and wait) for one. But being oblivious to a death and serious injury.... that's just a f*cking step too far.

We can't help the public, if they won't wake the f*ck up and help us. As one Sup recently said, f*ck them! I'm done busting my ass for people that don't even see us. We were already hurting, now we're RAW!

And we're not f*cking ambulance drivers!!!!!



I f*cking hate heavy reprocessing so much.....Everything is f*cked up, I am irritable as hell, doing anything is hard....and trying to get the orange juice out with a knife to put on my toast instead of grabbing the Cheeze Whiz.....that sh$t is getting old.....