Insert Swearish Rant Here

f*cking Apple update—thanks for making editing text a gymnastics competition now. *Can* I get the cursor between words without highlighting every other word?! Now I can, now I can’t. 👺
Lol. I have had many struggles with MacOS. And it's supposed to be a smooth experience? Not entirely. I mean, sometimes, but certainly not always.
Murderously pissed off. At my asshole uncle. Who drug his “it’s just a chest cold” into a house with 2 asthmatics (looking at 6+ weeks of pneumonia) & 2 elderly people (over 70), & 1 person with a compromised immune system. Anyone dies? That asshole gets to join in the party. Motherf*cking, pos, asshole. I DESPISE these c*nts who DGAF about anyone else, if… a Turkey sandwich… is on the line. Cock juggling thunderc*nt.
@Sideways NOPE.

NOT a swearish rant.

Threaten the life of someone I love, and your life is forfeit. THAT is what I’m feeling, today. The urge to kill. Restrained. And waiting on results.

Maybe I’ll be the one who dies, and? No fuss no muss. Just me.

If I survive and people I love die? Due to someone else’s actions? The only question is exactly how long I’ll take to even scores. I am BEYOND furious with this prick. He doesn’t give a f*ck about anyone since his wife died. Which? Fine. Fair. Until? He’s willing to kill ANYONE ELSE in enacting his own death wish. Like someone who’ll jump off a building… into a crowd. Can, and should, be shot.
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@Friday - I mean, I agree with you. Swearish doesn’t necessarily mean unreasonable…. Seemed to be more swearing than feeling… Someone in the office kept dropping the F bomb this morning (again, totally warranted!!) and it screwed with my wiring… I seem to be very sensitive to swearing atm (am I? Maybe? Who can tell…).

I could start my own little swearing session about sick people sharing their cooties around. Got me one good just last week.
I f*cking hate my psychiatrist, the f*cking idiot that he is can't even copy factual information from one report to another and states that I have a history of "harming others". I'd like to know what others he's referring to?? The condescending and patronising dick that he is took several minutes explaining to me that I was getting cramps in my legs because I walk to fast and that cycling and walking use the same they don't and most of your weight is going down into the seat when your cycling. Just f*ck off you prick. 😒 I don't know if I'm gonna see him again because he's already pissed me off.

Sounds silly but, I got a 2nd degree burn on my hand (left) I say my rosary/ prayers with on hot coffee and coffee grounds last night. Up half the night running it under water with the pain, and won't be fun gloving/ ungloving 50x/ day. Screw you am going to keep 'saying them' anyway. Maybe now more than ever. F off, that's what I think.