Insomnia - I Doubt Work Is On The Agenda Today

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It's 3.30am and the chances of getting any sleep soon are rapidly dimishing as are the chances of feeling fit enough to get for work in the morning. Someone please tell me it's OK for me to miss out on work? I feel horribly guilty about missing days or bits of days but I know I need to rest. Stress is taking its toll on my mind and body, I'd be a gibbering wreck at work.
I think it's okay to miss work, definitely. Stress is a kind of illness too. I know what you mean about feeling guilty, but I would still ask for time off if I were you. Even one day would probably help.
Thanks. I have had the odd day off here and there before, but not consecutive days. Maybe I should try that. There's nothing worse than forcing yourself to go to work or stay at work when you feel terrible, on the verge of tears, etc. :crybaby:I think I'm fatigued, I feel exhausted mentally but I'm still stressed out and unable to sleep.
oh, i know how you feel! i can't miss, though, as the school doesn't have any subs right now. so i will be a rotten teacher that day. one of my students told her mother that i sleep on my desk, lol. i was putting my head down at free time.
It's 5.47 am, I've been sitting here for two hours without noticing the time pass. I'm off back to bed to warm my feet up :)
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