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Insomnia or Too Much Sleep?

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Murphy's Law

I am experiencing a new sleep issue and wondered if anyone else have ever experienced. maybe have some advice?
In the time since my trauma, I have suffered from night terrors and very little sleep. sleeping pills do not work, or never did. Alot of short naps.
Now, in the last week, I have started sleeping 10, 15 even 32 hours in a row. I have missed complete days. Yet I still feel so tired.
Anyone else ever see this?
Hi, this thread has been moved as the information forum you posted it within IS NOT for general discussion, they are for informative outline of critical information only, not discussion.

It sounds like depression to me. I did this too years ago. I would sleep 18 hrs a day, and be exhausted.

Could be too that your body is just crashing from lack of sleep...
Hi Murphy's Law, and yes I too have seen this. About 2yrs. following 1986 and multiple trauma, I found myself residing back in the house I spent a good time growing up in. Then feeling helpless, triggered daily and unable to find any help for myself or help myself, I slept many a concurrent hour. Between 18 and 22 hrs. straight was my max. I remember I too found this remarkable then.

And, I found it quite as unusual, disorienting, and even frightening, when it took some significant time to pass. I was so thouroughly depressed in those yrs.

What struck me odd about it then too was that it did happen repeatedly days apart; Also, that I wasn't taken any medicine then that might've been encouraging this.

I've long since heard about the same thing happening to another trauma sufferer, very likely with PTSD, my sister. Her and I have so much in common, but because of a long-standing distanced and broken relationship we haven't talked in sometime.

Murphy, take care, please!

Yes. In fact I'm struggling with this right now. However I'm far from depressed. It's actually a mix of two things for me. One, my body is desperately trying to catch up on sleep, as I was so sleep deprived beforehand that I think I was half crazed. Two, it's a form of disassociating. I don't have to deal with the world if I'm sleeping!

The only way to combat this is with a strict schedule (both day and night.) I'm working on mine currently. Harder than hell to implement.

So.. it could be from various issues. Hope you discover what your root cause is and work from there.

AAHHHH sleep...if my son did not wake me up I am sure that I would sleep for hours....my problem is falling asleep...I have calming music, do PMR, breathing ....repeat..calm, relax..and then finally if I do...I finally fall asleep only to be woken up with...Mommy, mommy.......so insomnia mixed with an early riser for a son can sometimes make things seem quite frustrating...so to those of you that have the opportunity to fall asleep and sleep as long as your body allows you......I am totally jealous!!!!!! But I love my son none the less..HE is my reason these days and every day.
Many issues with why you sleep long hours... some mental, some physical, some environmental. Trick is not to work out why you are sleeping such long hours, but work out how to rectify the problem by finding a solution that works for you. There are physical attributes that some may think is depression which cause this, being you are doing nothing physical during the day which produces not energy for your body, so you feel tired because your doing nothing. It becomes a nasty cycle. If you have ever heard or been told, exercise or physical activities promote the body to produce more energy, then that is one very common problem. People think they have no energy, so they then use that as the reason to not exercise, so the body continues producing no chemicals that tell the brain the body has energy to burn, so the body instead says sleep. Very nasty cycle and it looks like depression, but its not depression, its your bodies natural ability to sleep or produce energy.

So to discover the problem you must try various solutions. Go walking, even though your body says sleep, go for a good walk, hour minimum and then assess whether you now have energy to do more or whether you need sleep. If you exercise and are physical for a good few hours and your body still says sleep, then you look towards other problems.... like environmental (your house, living standard, cleanliness, etc) or mental, being depression or other chemical issue.

The most common that can solve 95% of the cases, is lack of daily physical activity with regularity. Routine is a major aspect of this. You must make yourself get in a routine, being you wakeup and get out of bed at the same time, you do not just move from the bed to the lounge, you incorporate structure and physical activity to your day. If you do not, your brain gets bored basically speaking and tells the body to sleep.
Hi, this thread has been moved as the information forum you posted it within IS NOT for general discussion, they are for informative outline of critical information only, not discussion.
So Sorry Anthony, and everyone else. Didnt mean to put it in the wrong place. my bad!
Some great advice in here. Today I worked on a schedule, wrote it out and posted it on my fridge. Just doing that much gave me a boost. Tomorrow I will start the day bright and early with a walk. Its still a little cold here, NB Canada, but the ice has all melted.
I am sure it will have to evolve as I go, but it certainly does feel like a good place to start. I just can't get over that others have had these same experiences. That feels good in itself. Thanks all.
i feel you.... i suffer every night to the point where i end up hurting my husband... im completely oppisite ...i stay up for days but what helps me relax is song called moments by emerson drive... its really calming
but what helps me relax is song called moments by emerson drive... its really calming

love the song. have it now in my ipod to walk with.

update on activity:
I have dilegently been walking. Although, if I am honest Anthony, there are days I just cant get the hour in, I am that exhausted. But I walk every day, same time, rain or shine. or snow.

I am still sleeping much too much or too little, but i don't miss whole days due to the structure. And when I get home from the walk, I do not feel refreshed. Weak. Exhausted. Sore. I wanted to give it a fair chance to work, but at this point I still have to nap when I get home. To be fair, I should also tell you that walking itself is difficult for me. Due to amount of surgeries and complications, my right leg has been left pretty messed up. But even so, I have been walking, just not fast or too far.

Today for example, I have been up for 27hours straight. But I went out for my walk at reg time. I am exhausted, but not asleep.
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