intense body jerks while falling asleep, and acting out nightmares


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ive pretty much gotten use to waking myself up yelling on a regular basis, and kicking too. but in the past few months ive noticed something new. my body keeps violently jerking awake right as im about to fall asleep. i know theres something called "hypnotic jerk", but this seems a little different because i dont always feel like im falling when it happens, and also because theres been some nights when it happened like 20 times before i fell asleep. that many times seems very abnormal. ive also woke myself up running across my bedroom twice now. im kinda scared to sleep in the same room with other people. especially after ive also been told that i act like im having sex in my sleep, but i never remember any sexual dreams. (im female). what is happening to me? anyone else have this problem?


but in the past few months ive noticed something new
Have you started on any new medications/ changed dosages of existing meds in that time?
I would get frequent body jerks like you describe the first time I was put on quetiapine.

I think it would be a good idea to let your doctor know what's happening, especially if you're up out of bed running in your sleep.


I'd be going to sleep and believe I'd hear someone calling my name....(thinking it was my elderly father and I'm hearing impaired-afraid I wouldn't hear him and he had a need) and I'd race toward the door before I'd realize that I lept out of bed for no reason, no one was calling me....I was having and auditory hallucination/ happened always when I was just falling asleep-felt so very real. The hypnotic jerk-whole body jerk, feels like I'm leaping out of the bed and that usually only happens if I'm dealing in an active time with abuse, I'm overly exhausted, or my trigger for that is most often...not enough sleep over a couple of nights.....I have a fear of falling and I know I dream about it....