Intermittent Fasting….


So the intermittent fasting attempt has officially ended as of today. I really tried and the issue was not the limited time for eating. That didn't cause me any issues. I actually adjusted the times from her initial 11-7 to 12-8 as the worked better for me with my work schedule to not start eating until my lunch hour.

However, the problem was that it completely messed up my medications. I would take my thyroid meds when I woke up great cause I can't eat right away after taking them anyway, but then I would get busy with doing work and since I wouldn't stop to eat anything I would not take any of my other medications. Noon would roll around and I was a mess. My focus shot because I hadn't taken my ADD meds, mood stabilizers, muscle relaxers or NSAIDS and I would spend the rest of the day playing catch up. I am going to reach out to the dietitian and try to move up our follow up appointment and see is there is a way to see her and figure out a way to discuss my eating disorder issues in a way that will not end up in shared medical records with my PCP. I know that may not be possible and I know that I may have to either figure out a way to concede to him knowing about things I have kept from him or to find a dietitian that is not connected to his medical group but I can't have my attempts to lose weight and eat better derail my medications either.

Why does it feel as though nothing seems to go right with my health physical or mental?


Oh @FauxLiz that's so annoying for you! I'm glad that the restricted eating times didn't cause you any issues. But, no, it's not going to work for you if those timings mess with your meds. Fingers crossed you can catch up again with the dietician and see what other options may suit you.


My PCP referred me to a dietitian and we met today and she wants me to try intermittent fasting. For me eating is an issue, Food was heavily controlled when I was growing up as my brother/abuser had issues with control and was a type 1 diabetic from the age of 8. Since he would not control his intake food for the rest of the family was restricted. No snacks, no desserts, nothing sugary was permitted in the house. Once I moved out to college and I didn’t have the constant restrictions I started eating out of control binging when possible but didn’t see the impact as within a year I was diagnosed with Graves Disease that had apparently been active for years but through high school I was constantly on the run participant in 3 varsity sports a year and tons of activities. In addition to all of this I was sexually assaulted my senior year of high school and forced to sodomize a guy when I was able to avoid penetrative assault.

I struggle with a love hate relationship with eating as a result. Food is my comfort but at the same time I hate putting anything in my mouth which has caused its own share of issues because I generally refuse to see a dentist until something hurts really bad. I had a tooth pulled in November of 2020 and after the horrid experience I still have not gotten the replacement crown.

So with intermittent fasting she wants me to concentrate on only eating during a specific 8 hour period each day. Which in a way feels like the heavy restrictions on eating that I grew up with but with the amount less restricted and if I feel the need I can do all liquids which seems to make me feel better about trying,I just don’t know how effective this will be for me. I need to lose weight and without an active thyroid my chances are significantly reduced, I am post menopausal which hurts my chances, I have arthritis, fibro, and spinal issues at the C3-C4, C7-L-1 and now L3-L5. I try to workout/exercise but often times the pain is too much and I am lucky to complete 20-30min at a time.

Does anyone have experience with intermittent fasting being successful when diagnosed with non-specific eating disorder in addition to c-ptsd?
I had stressed induced bulimia and I'm recovered but always on the look out for guarding against it just in case a behavior patterns even closely reminds me of that of when I was very sick and almost died twice.

I found intermittent fasting beneficial for me. But only the eat stop eat way. You'd have to look it up. Oh to be honest, not a jerk. I'm so triggered I skimmed your post. I hope this helped. Hugs.