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Supporter Intro - Getting help for partner with PTSD and looking after me

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New Here
My partner has PTSD linked to a previous relationship which was abusive and traumatic due to their previous spouses untreated mental health conditions. The relationship ended with my partner’s trust being abused by the spouse who was unfaithful. This led to a breakdown of their family unit with 2 children.
In the early stages of our relationship my partner was suspicious and wary and interpreted some minor things in our relationship as having similarities to the ex spouses original cheating. This led to a period of explosive anger, confusion, lack of sleep, constantly being on high alert, etc.

fast forward and we now have a diagnosis and manage things ok. But my partner has not made significant headway in improving day to day. Im learning more and seeking ways of getting us both more support.
The articles on this site are excellent and the cup example very useful.

My partner sees a psychologist regularly. Part of me wonders how much cause can attributed to the previous relationship versus ours now. Not so much from a blame perspective but just to understand the root cause of the PTSD. Other than pondering this I’m here for support and ideas.

Great to be here and to find this community.
Great to see you getting some support for yourself. You are going to need it. Glad you read the articles they are very informative for someone just getting started. Hope you utilize this forum to keep your sanity and learn some good self care. Take care of YOU!!
Not open for further replies.