Sufferer Is anybody alive out there?...


New Here
Hello you,

I am here because at 28 years old i have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, ocd, and ptsd.

To say i am overwhelmed would be a major understatement. I feel alone, out of control, and overall just a wreck.

My family is toxic so I feel like i have no one to turn to. They haven't been in my life for some years now. My boyfriend is amazing but he comes from what i like to call a "Hallmark Family". They are wonderful and sweet but i don't want to keep burdening him with my trauma. We've been together almost 5 years and I don't want to drive him away with all my issues.

This is my first year without my mom, she's not dead but we aren't on talking terms. My mom is dating the name who used to be my stepdad but was also my m*lester. I finally got the courage to tell her 2 years ago after they had broken up for the millionth time but she continued to see him behind my back. And then she had him text my sister to tell her that i was lying. I am not.

There is so much trauma but honestly i am tired of repeating it over and over. I just want people to talk to who will understand. I feel so sad...

Im also a good listener should you also need someone to talk to.

is anybody alive out there?


hello traum. welcome to the forum.

i believe it is a smart move to broaden your support network. it takes a village to heal. no matter how wonderful the love of my life is, a healthy life contains more than one source of support and growth. even cinderella had mice and birds she could talk to. in my own childhood, that was the most amazing part of that fairy tale. the lady had birds and mice doing her chores for her! where do i sign up to learn that trick? prince charming always reminded me too much of my five brothers to be impressive.

getting back on topic. . .

welcome aboard. i hope you find healing companionship here.


Welcome, there are a lot of us with similar stories, and we are all here because of similar effects on our lives. Yes, there are living people in here, and out there too, but here we have a commonality that can make all the difference
just a quick bit of learned the hard way info- If drama is the family game and you are sick of it, don't engage. If it's a one on one tug of war, let go of the rope. If it's us versus them, go sit in the shade. At the end of the day, the winners are the ones that don't have dirt on them and are sitting in the shade. The trick is not doing a post-mortem with thoughts like I should have or could have and I lost because...NO. It was their game, you didn't play, how did you lose?
Nothing in here is one size fits all and I would hate myself if I found out that turning your back on your mom and molester dude cost you dearly and you did it based on four lines of text in a PTSD forum, but I just want to pass on what finally worked for me and hope it helps you somehow. Lot of that in here.


is anybody alive out there?

"Alive" is a strong word. Heheh. But yes! We are out here && I definitely hear you. I don't speak to my dad's side of the family so I only have one person in my entire family who I talk to on a regular basis. It can be very lonely && isolating but that's why places like this are invaluable, they allow us to reach for others who will understand what we're going thru. I hope u find lots of support here && welcome to the community.