Is burnout any different when PTSD and EMDR are involved?


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Hi there. Could really use some perspective and thoughts right now.

Long story short I’m burnt out at work. The work of 3 people is quite literally just been put on my shoulders. In reading more about burn out versus stress, burn out is actually quite serious and seems to align with how I feel.

Where I’m at right now is that I’m trying to figure it all out. Do I try to do too much at work because of my childhood trauma of managing things a child should not manage? Am I feeling more isolated because of how isolating my trauma was? Am I using my freeze response at work? Is going through EMDR making it extra difficult to manage my work responsibilities and if that weren’t the case would things be fine at work?

I am trying to figure out if leaving my job is the right move. I know nobody here can give me that answer but if anyone has any help with how I can think through this I would really appreciate it. If it’s helpful to know I’m in the software development space as a product manager. Thanks!


Is it possible to take some sort of leave? A few weeks off may be helpful.

EMDR messes with your working or short term memory. Even without EMDR I was having issues with just getting out the door in the morning ready to go to work. I would forget things like my glasses phone wallet keys and occasionally pants.


i'm not sure i've ever managed to stick with anything long enough to experience actual burnout, but i've often claimed burnout to justify acting on my flight reflex.