Relationship Is he really done or is it the PTSD

Sunny Arnold

New Here
My boyfriend has PTSD, diagnosed for a year. We were together for 15 years. Since his diagnosis he moved out and said he needed to work on himself, and that’s when he began questioning our relationship, but we remained in constant contact, still slept over and continued our relationship. 2 months ago he asked me to give him some time and he didn’t really want me visiting, that he was back in a bad place and needed time alone. Then a month ago, he shows up and tells me while he still loves me, and cares he’s no longer in love with me and we both need to just move on. He said I just don’t understand what he’s going through because I’ve never experienced it (his father passed away and it caused a lot of repressed childhood trauma to come to light and overwhelm him). He says I did nothing wrong, he just feels like I haven’t been attracted to him for a while. I apologized for making him feel that way, assured him it wasn’t true. So we broke up and he asked if we could still remain good friends. We still casually text and have had a few good phone conversations over the last month, not addressing our breakup, just talking about things that have been going on. Then a week ago I found out he’s been talking with someone I kind of know (has been talking to her about 2 weeks and she’s the one who reached out to him when she found out we split). She also has experienced loss (her mother and ex husband) and they’ve been bonding over it. I told him I understood why he felt the need to be talking to her - and I was glad he had someone to talk to. He told me he didn’t want to tell me about it because he was worried I would be hurt. I am hurt of course, but I also love him enough to feel like if someone else can help him, I want him to have that help. Am I crazy for holding on to hope things will eventually work out? He’s obviously moving on, but I still love him and want to help him. Just needing some advice and guidance.