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Is it me or the zoloft...

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I tend to avoid allt of things in general because my anxiety is so high at times but now im just numb emotionally.

I dont seem to have feelings at all and it sucks my main issue though is i believe its the zoloft but without it im in constant panic so im not sure what to do.

Ive disconnected from so many people but im not sure how to reconnect or if its because my meds....
Weird but true (and your mileage may vary):
What you're describing is literally the condition that Zoloft is intended to treat. Talk to your doc.

That's not to say it's you because the Zoloft isn't doing its thing to the fullest. You're not defective. The meds aren't either. It's about finding a combination that allows you to function.
Have you been on it for long? Cause it can take a few months for you to even out. And what dose is it?
I felt numb on sertraline (side note that antidepressants don’t work for me) when I was at 200mg before that they didn’t really work.
Talk to your dr maybe just need the dose changed?
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