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Is it okay to stay at home all day?


I live with my brother and currently he is travelling for the next ten days. I have not really stepped out since Saturday, I did go out yesterday to watch a movie but today I have been just binging on Shark Tank India. Is that okay? Usually when I am home alone I experience a high libido too and this feeling of just staying away from the world and not do anything at all. Is that okay? To feel this lazy or is it a depression sign?
Yes it's okay to stay at home all day.

But the choice to stay at home may be based on caring for yourself and giving yourself the time that you need. Or it may be based on avoiding fears about going out. The fears still make it okay, but are also something to find help with for the longer term
when i have to ask if it is okay, it is usually not okay. i am likely isolating. no need for high drama. i gently nudge myself to get out, especially because i don't want to, just to stretch my comfort zone. a walk will do.
For me, one day at home lounging about doing nothing is great, recharge, go again. Two days indicates something is wrong and needs dealing with, badly. Three days is full blown holy crap we are having a crisis. Like, three days of not leaving the house for me would indicate things are in a very very bad way.

What does it mean for you, and does this feel like a short term healthy recharge to get ready to go again, or does this feel like an unhealthy isolating shutdown?