Is this fair to email T?


Just quickly looking for advice about this email to my T.
She said I could email her this week if I needed to, given what we were talking about in therapy this week and last. And where I'm at in my head.
But just want to check this isn't unfair to email her? I know my job isn't to worry about her, but I also don't want to worry her or dump on her outside of our sessions.

Was thinking of writing this:
"Thanks for saying I could email if I needed to.
I have been struggling. I might phone a crisis line, so I know I have that option. I couldn't do that yesterday as I didn't think I would talk. And I know I need to communicate with E, but haven't really been able to yet.
I don't really understand why I am feeling like this and why now. I've retreated into myself and just want to not move or speak, or exist really. Sending this as a step to get out of this and start to make connection. "

Re reading it. Am I being too vague? Idk. I can't work things out right now.


I have always emailed my therapists. It took me a while to start doing it with each one, and like you I was worried about doing it in the beginning. I finally figured if they wanted to read it, then they would. If they want to respond, then they will. Either way, it's not a phone call (which felt more intrusive to me), it's just an email that can be ignored if they want. Worst case, we bring the contents of the email up in the next session to discuss it.

Both of my therapists have been very open to emails and have been very supportive. With my first therapist I noticed that if my email had positive content, he would always shoot me a short reply. If it had "negative" content, or I mentioned struggles I was encountering, he would not reply, but would always bring it up at our next session so we could discuss it. My current therapist always replies no matter what the content is.

Since your therapist has said they are open to emails, you should definitely email her. And yes, it's ok to tell her all of what you are going through and struggling with. You should probably keep it somewhat brief and not write several pages of emails. She is there to support you and she knows what you are going through. She can't help you if she doesn't know what's going on.


Thanks @Sues . Yeah, we built in the safety net of me being able to email her this week. I do struggle with contacting her in-between sessions as we did have email before, but I would freak out.

But this worked well today. She responded and wanted me to respond back to let her know how I was. So that has really helped.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.