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is this just dissociation? or something more serious going on? similiar experiences?


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I put a ciggarette in my mouth and walked outside and lifted the lighter up to my mouth to light my cigg, but than i realized the cigg wasnt in my mouth anymore.... i didnt know what happened to it. i looked on the ground to see if i dropped it but i didnt see it anywhere. i didnt feel it fall out of my mouth either.
so i went back inside and got another cigg, put it in my mouth, went outside and lit it up, and as i was standing outside i looked down at the ground, and saw my other cigg that i had dropped a minute ago, it was laying on the ground where i had just looked for it. i was also walking around in my flip flops, and didnt notice that the "thing that goes between the big toe and the one beside it" was on correctly on one foot, but on my other foot it was between the wrong toes. and i was thinking... how did i not FEEL that?? i really scare myself sometimes. anyone have similiar experiences? or have any idea what is wrong with me? is this just regular dissociation for some people? i feel like a crazy person almost all day of every day.


how did i not FEEL that??
It could be considered low-grade dissociation. But it honestly sounds more like preoccupation - distraction due to lack of focus.

Very, very common to experience this with activities that require fine motor skills that are extremely routine - such as, lighting a cigarette.

Having trouble focusing happens to anyone as a result of stress. It's very normal. When it repeatedly interferes with aspects of daily life, then it's something that could be considered a symptom. Since you know you do have a mental health disorder that is generally extra-sensitive to stress, and one that includes basic hallmarks of anxiety and depression....it's really safe to assume it's a normal, predictable symptom.

In other words, don't generate extra anxiety around it.
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