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Is your PTSD Cup size changing?

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The natural disasters, COVID, crisis, resource availability and death in my area have changed many aspects of my newest perception of ‘normal’. My PTSD Cup has been rather brimming: some of my older tool box methods seem outmoded. Symptoms are a higher constant but my anger regulation is still proactive: blessing.

However, touchy-feely or my favorite puff methods are not working for me at this time. I still feel empathy, compassion with a jaded tempered boundary and a readiness for defense. I can’t seem to get my attention level down so I am adjusting my cup size in my mind.

Acceptance of my newest normal seems to stop the self criticism and allow a sense of peace among the madness. In other words, my mind has seemed to adapt during Jumanji’ Level -2020. Yet the rest of me doesn’t seem to recognize or feel comfortable with myself holding the Super Sized PTSD mug.

Anyone else finding theirselves doing this? Is it working for you at this time? Do you think it is a precursor to a back slide or a form of denial? Other thoughts? Thanks for sharing if you have time.
Totally uncomfortable with the new cup size. It seems everything is getting harder for me, the added stress of spinal fusion, the loss of feeling in my left two fingers after the surgery, my broken finger on the other hand that didn't heal. It goes on and on. If I sit and put it in perspective, I would rather walk and have numb fingers, but it seems I trigger more easily.

So yes, if I tell myself there is more going on than usual, I feel better, but I am really so much more stressed than normal.
Any sufferers cup overflowing during Covid is quite honestly perfectly normal and acceptable. Many without PTSD are currently overflowing... to put things in perspective.

As for techniques... the basics are the best. Don't complicate PTSD or how to manage it. People do that. A lot. They stop using the basics and believe more complicated methods are needed to get further, where in fact that is further from the truth. The truth is that the basics rooted into a person combined with time in using the basics, is all any PTSD sufferer really need apply within their daily life.

Again, many in the world right now without PTSD or traumatic lives, are now overflowing within their personal cups due to circumstances so far beyond anything experienced in the past 80 odd years.

Living in Melbourne, which now holds the most locked down city in the world as its shining beacon due to an incompetent Government and health team who did a shit job with our hotel quarantine of returning Australians, many in this city are at their breaking point, and beyond it. Our death rate is still low compared to elsewhere in the world, but that has come at the price of being the most locked down city in the world too. The economic impact that everyone in this city is currently enduring is possibly war times similar.

As such, being a PTSD sufferer, I have now stopped watching the daily briefings about covid. I was watching them, trying to keep abreast of things, but the impact on me was showing and I was becoming one super difficult, angry mother f*cker again. I use the basics plus time, always have, having had the best results with that, and Covid was still impacting me, just like everyone else. Removing that from my daily life, I'm still impacted and stressed more than normal, but far less than I was. I am walking more to chill, using more music to relax, and removing news from my daily life. I normally love my news and stay abreast of things going on in the world. Not right now though... a choice I had to make to see if it took the edge off enough to bring me back to a bit nicer person once again. It worked.

Saying all that, I haven't lost anyone from this either. There are those who have, plus PTSD, plus restrictions.

Just do what you can do, try different basic things in your daily life to try and reduce the stressors coming into your cup, and increase exercise if needed as that is a basic proven to reduce stressors from your cup.
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The one good thing about this year? Empathy.

I had a triggered moment, cup overflowing, and needed a moment to breathe and take space. Normally this is a hard thing to navigate. Instead I was able to quickly say hey, 2020 being what it is, I need a break for a moment. It was no big deal to others - their stress cups, not PTSD related, were brimming too. People get it more.

I don't know that my cup has changed size so much as just needs lowering a lot more.
People do that. A lot. They stop using the basics and believe more complicated methods are needed to get further, w
Extra stress hits me now and then because of work at the clinic, people in fear when they don’t receive their results on time, extra fun when you wear FFP2 and have to communicate for 8-10 Hrs. Rules I dislike following but I must: Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, healthy when possible, Water and loads of water (Also dislike) things to promote sleep(Not working always). Weight training.
Im also thinking of Doing nothing and hiding for a long time
I had been congratulating myself on how well I was managing my stress for the last couple of years. Then 2020.

Starting with my son's suicide in January and then Covid. Almost a year later and my cup is a demitasse size. Doesn't take much to overload so I just made the cup smaller.

I stopped reading anything political and only checked on Covid once in awhile. That helped. Removed some toxic people from my life and now if I can just remember to BREATHE I might make it. But a smaller cup has helped me to function. If what I've been doing this past year can be considered functioning.

Seeing people without trauma and no tools struggling harder than most of us is sad. First time I've ever been grateful I have PTSD.
My PTSD cup size has changed. I stopped drinking and smoking 4.5 months ago and I can now filter and process thoughts and feelings better. That said today I found out after being referred to the mental health services I've been referred back to my gp! Without even seeing them. Said I was discharged. Not going into it in depth but it's really upset me and made me angry because I'm just trying to get help. It's all relative.
extra fun when you wear FFP2 and have to communicate for 8-10 Hrs

Thank you for your service as well as your constant choice to protect others during Covid-19. Although it may be a requirement in order to work- you do choose to do so at the cost of much discomfort to yourself. It is admirable.

Seeing people without trauma and no tools struggling harder than most of us is sad. First time I've ever been grateful I have PTSD.

I am sorry for your loss, dear (didn’t have the heart to quote it). And yes, ^ I too am glad that I had the time on this board and in therapy to build the tools that are so needed in this season.

angry because I'm just trying to get help. It's all relative.

I am sorry that you were not properly given the chance for your need set! That would make me angry too.
It takes a lot of leg work to remain in the therapy system for me as there are so many needing help now. Don’t give up. Just dust it off to system failure and start from square one again. (2cents from this peanut gallery)😁
*PS congrats on your stopping bad habits!
Initially with the covid I was doing pretty good. (I wasn't missing as much as those without ptsd), some anyway. I saw people melting down over restrictions, closures, wearing masks, etc. I felt very grateful...still do but am having to remind myself several times a day now. The summer months provided a break. Once fall set in and outdoor activities not much of an option, my cup seems much more full. I quit smoking in August so that has been a good thing. Trying to stay healthier. My husband puts news on a lot so I escape to my room and watch anything else. Everything is politics (here in US) and covid. Finding myself a bit lonely and a bit bitchy.
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