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Issues With Sleep And Wake.

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Has anyone ever had issues before they went to sleep or when they woke up?

Here’s the deal. Right before I go to sleep I have really bad anxiety and I hear EVERYTHING…like a damn pin dropping kind of hear everything. My intrusive thoughts come 100 x’s faster and I feel really scared. I really hate when everyone falls asleep before I do, but that’s life I guess.

Now, when I wake up it’s even worse. It’s all the same stuff but even worse. I think it’s due to the fact that my girlfriend is already gone to work and no one is home with me.
Lame …I know. I have a hard time coming out of “dream land” I guess you could say. I have only had this issue within the last year since I have been told I have PTSD.

Anyways, just thought I would ask.

Every day and night of my life Emoxx.

When we go to sleep we are very vulnerable, which increases our anxiety. Also when we wake up we can be very disoriented. I can't not tell you how many times I have bolted out of bed, in the middle of the night and in the morning. I have cried myself to sleep more times than I can count over some of my more horrific intrusive thoughts. It's why I have to be on medication to help me sleep. Otherwise I just don't sleep any!

I do know that working on our trauma will eventually help minimize this aspect. I'm not there yet, but I'm not giving up on it. lol Also some serious CBT to help us with the intrusive thoughts. Basically, just a whole lot of hard work to reduce it.

This is exactly why I meditate so much and I keep my CDs on a loop play over night.

Mine is much worse going to sleep than waking. The CDs I have has a very soothing woman's voice walking me through all sorts of fantasy stories and relaxations. I find if I am simply listening to music it won't work near as well. It is helpful as I am listening to instruction to guide me through stories, if I am doing that it leaves a lot less room for my mind to take over.
I have this problem too. I have to have the TV on all night or I won't be able to sleep. I still wake up anxious (even with the TV on) as I have my worst nightmares in the morning. I drive my parents nuts with the TV and sometimes they come in my room and turn it way down... wakes me up almost every time. Sleep meds only help a little.
Anyway you're not alone. ;)
I have the same problem too. Some times I love to go to sleep and other times when I lie down I get a little worried.

The worst is waking up, especially in the middle of the night. I feel scared and I have weird thoughts.

It takes about an hour for the chemicals in my brain to go back to normal after waking up. Once fully awake I wonder why I felt so bad? Maybe this is related to trauma because my husband doesn't have these feelings about sleep and waking up.

My TV has been on, seriously, for about 3 years straight. 24/7. I am definitely getting my money's worth out of it. *giggle*

It started in "regular life" when I couldn't calm my brain down, and the TV was just a distraction from the day's events and stress. With my brain distracted, I could go to sleep.

Then my critical incident happened, and the TV became my touchstone.
  • It kept me tuned in to where I was --
  • Proved to me that real life really was continuing to happen, no matter what was going on in my brain at that moment --
  • Told me what time it was (depending on what show was on) --
  • Still distracted my brain, but this time from intrusive thought cycles... only moderately successfully... I would really have to put on the "right" show that was interesting, because if I paid attention, then the intrusive thoughts had a harder time getting through.
Music has never been enough.

This past month I've been able to put a music channel on the TV (the Christmas music channel, as Christmas music is extremely uplifting for me) and just let that play all night. :)

I've also been able to turn out all the lights at night for the past couple of months. In the first 9 months after my critical incident, I wasn't able to do that... I had all the lights on throughout the house, 24/7. I was so frightened there way no way I could turn them off and let it be dark at night...

Anyway, nope, it's not just you!! :kiss:

:) Bailey
Thank you so much for writing that. I hate to see people going through it but....it does make me feel better to know I am not the only one it's happening to.

My big thing is freakin' QVC or HSN.....those women put me to sleep like every time...lol......I feel you also on your TV being on for ....well...ever.....mine too!...lol

My tv stays on ...my god!

Sometimes, I have the computer, tv, all the lights and like anything else I can find to put on....sad I know.

Anything...thanks again for sharing...

I totally understand what you mean by hearing EVERYTHING before you go to sleep. I don't get it in the mornings, but I most definitely have it every night. At one point I swore my hearing was so super that I would be able to hear a bug moving in my room! I then learned that I also have tinnitus and this was worsening matters... but I still get what feels like super hearing at night on pure hard anxiety! And I have a hearing impairment as well (though I can never face sleeping on my 'good' ear because I am so convinced I need to hear what's going on if I'm in danger!)!
Waking up and not going back to sleep is my biggest problem. For me, the intrusive thoughts usually are worse in the middle of the night. Of course I take a pill to sleep and say my prayers. No wonder I fall asleep. :smile: The first thing I do in the morning is meditate to clear my mind.

Before my diagnoses I was never a spiritual person, but now I am.

i sleep with the computer on... and the more scared i am, the brighter the screensaver i pick. so on really bad nights it's a babypink screen with yellow snowflakes falling.

generally, i try not to sleep if i can help it. i know it's not too healthy, but i have this cycle:

1.- i have nightmares one night
2.- next day. i'm so worried that i will have them again that my anxiety levels get skyhigh
3.- high anxiety makes me have worse nightmares
4.- goto 2.-

so on bad weeks i sleep like 12 hours every two or three days. i do it that way so i fall asleep the second i put my head on the pillow and don't have to think about anything.

currently working on it.
Whoa...that is shitty man. I have been there however , so I understand how you feel dude.

Ever try sleeping meds? Me...I don't like em' but....hey whatever helps I guess.

Thanks for right me;)

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