I've asked for a new therapist


I've asked for a new therapist two weeks ago. My current therapist is not specialized and there are specialized therapists at the organisation I'm being treated. The conversation with my current therapist about requesting another one went pretty well, she understood and we agreed seeing each other every other week instead of every week until I can start with my new therapist.

Monday I received an email that I have to make an appointment with my current therapist and my coordinating therapist, and that all of our appointments will be cancelled. So yesterday I called my therapist to ask why the appointments have been cancelled. She doesn't want to treat me since I'm the one who askes for another therapist. She also said 'I never agreed to anything about seeing each other every other week, that's just what you asked and I'm not agreeing with seeing each other anymore.'. Usually I get therapy once a week, now I have to wait for 7 weeks to get this conversation with her and my coordinating psychologist to 'look at our options if anyone cán meet my wishes' and they might not even give me a specialized therapist. Eventually I managed to get 2 appointments in between this time, but I don't feel that welcome anymore. I really had to ask like 30 times to please give me an appointment because I need a professional by my side, even if we are not going to treat my ptsd together, but just for having a little stability and professional advise. I feel like they're letting me down and that I have to deal with the consequences of asking for a new therapist. I don't feel professionally approached at all. I also don't know what this appointment with my coordinating therapist is for, since my only wish is a specialized therapist.

I've been looking for other organisations but every waiting list is over a year or they even paused the waiting list because of the many patients they've got.

I don't know what to think about this, I feel a bit left behind. Thanks for reading:)
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This indeed doesn't sound professional to me. Normally they'd make arrangements to smoothly transition between therapists as much as possible. And eventually set the limitations of their interventions. But not creating a huge gap like this. Defo understandable you're feeling let behind.


I feel like they're letting me down and that I have to deal with the consequences of asking for a new therapist. I don't feel professionally approached at all.
Conversely? You’ve also clearly been heard, that you need/want a professional by your side during the interim, as they’ve relaxed their standard operating procedures to give you 2 appointments during the wait.

So, another way to look at it? Their policy is not to “force” people to see a therapist that isn’t working for them -or that one may have serious ethical issues with- in order to remain an active person on their list… so they’ve looked at your case, specifically, and found that it’s not unreasonable to make an exception. You’re not asking for a new therapist because of conflict, or duty of care issues, or any other… No faaaawking way am I dealing with this asshole one moment longer… but because of specializing. So they’re doing their best by you, in every way that they can. <<< I don’t know if that’s the case. Just presenting another possibility.

The only demonstrable things are that your request has been taken seriously (IE the appointment with the supervisor, to see if there is a better fit, possible) AND that their standard operating procedures (of cancelling all future appointments until it can be reviewed) is not the best course -for you- so they’ve altered that, for you. The motives, on either of our parts, are purely speculative.

In either eventuality? Good job in advocating for yourself; both in wanting to work with a therapist specializing in trauma, and connecting with them to ask for intermediary assistance, whilst that process is ongoing.
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You've started advocating for yourself and what you really need out of therapy. That's huge. That's a really big deal. Not just because this is your future we're talking about, but because advocating for ourselves is so incredibly hard.

Don't quit on yourself now. And don't be fooled by the language of "waiting" seven weeks for this next meeting.

Are there other clinics in your area that have specialists you think you want to work with? Yes. So, get yourself on some wait lists (no harm done in removing yourself from a waitlist if something better comes up in the meantime - doing it early means you're using your time to your best advantage).

Perhaps also to your primary care doctor about the kind of care you need, and how best to access that sooner rather than later. They often go about things very differently, and have different results, to us average citizens calling up a clinic and simply asking what the wait time is.

It sounds disheartening, and I get that. But I'm with @Friday on this one. This is a win. Difficult? Sure. But a big win none the less. High five yourself on identifying what you need, and then actually going after it. And stay focused in that.


This is really hard to deal with. I have been there. First, it takes all this courage during a usually difficult symptom spike to try therapy to begin with. Then you see someone and question whether they have the skill set to help. In my case, my therapist told me to switch, and forgot to mention it to the therapist I was supposed to switch to. That therapist is usually full and I think she took pity on me and let me in, but I had to wait three weeks, see her once and then wait another 2 weeks. After that, I was in, but I entered at a peak of bad symptoms and felt abandoned. I’ve had to actually do therapy on that situation. Now, I’m in a much better place. Do you see a psychiatrist? Maybe they can help you with your symptoms in the mean time.