Jobs For PTSD

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I realize this could open the door on a lot of humour...which is fine! But I AM serious. I am thrashing around trying to figure out how to put my life back together in a way that doesn't continue the cycle of triggering. I know I have to work with my self but I also need to lower my day to day stress levels. A part of that is making a living.

I was wondering if others had thoughts on jobs that were manageable for them long term. Thanks
I personally have not managed to find that balance. I honestly know that I need a lower stress job but am unable to take one at this time. Having said that, my daughter (also PTSD) recently changed jobs from an employer with alot of stress, responsiblity, and constantly changing shifts (including 3rd shift quite often) to a new job at a bakery with stable hours and far less stress. The improvement could be seen almost immediately.

Good luck on your job search.
Echoing Becky's post. Although my change of job was involuntary (I was laid off), the change in the level of stress, the way the people act and are treated and the overall atmosphere of the office are so much different and better than before that it's helped my symptoms quite a bit. I still have symptoms daily, but for the most part they're much better.

Short of working from home, I don't think it's so much the job as the people and the environment.

I agree with Lisa: it's not so much the job as it is the people and the environment.

Some possible guidelines:

-No thrashing, banging, or other forms of cacophony
-No constant movement, bustling about, or chaos
-Plenty of repetition and predictability - practically hypnotic and very calming
-Lots of natural light
-Plenty of exits, easily escapable, first floor a plus
-Private, single-stall bathrooms that are well lit, lockable, and clean
-Located in a safe area away from crime
-Not too rural/isolated but not trapped in the middle of the city either
-Choice between stairs and elevator if not on first floor
-Well lit parking lot, close parking
-Very little traffic and a short commute

-Task oriented job with flexible schedule (it's okay to be late or come and go as you please as long as the job gets done)
-People who don't talk too loud
-Relaxed dress code
-People who are educated in counseling/communication
-People who are mature and not dramatic
-People who are emotionally healthy

It's as if the perfect job is changing light bulbs in upscale counseling offices! It's task oriented, it doesn't matter what you wear, the other professionals are trained and mature, and there is no clocking in and out.

So what jobs fit this list?
These are a help...thanks.PE...I just gave notice at my mechanic job today and reading your lists I realize why. I would find myself physically dreading going in...though the boss was nice. But it was dark, fast, noisy, unpredicatable, chaotic...and I am not who I used to be to handle this. I am really trying to put a positive spin on it and not feel like a failure because I can no longer handle what I used to. But you guys are right...people, environment...and I will add pace. I will send a flyer to upscale counseling offices for handyperson gigs (LOL) :-)
Wow - Perfect Empire - that's a great list - and now I understand why I'm struggling so much at work. My work environment is exactly every item on your list (but with the wrong answer).

I have NO flexible schedule - in at 8am sharp, work through lunch at my desk, stay late at least 2 nights a week (supposed to get off at 5pm) and even if you work late - you can't come in late the next morning.

We have no natural lighting - all florescents and they drive me CRAZY.

There is always drama here and gossiping - I stay away from it but because everyone talks so LOUDLY I still get distracted and don't like hearing it.

There is always chaos and bustling around and rushing around and everything is always changing.

Truly - I hope this list can help someone not fall into the trap I did.

Thanks again.
-People who are mature and not dramatic
-People who are emotionally healthy
OMG, this is the opposite of the last place I worked. It was all drama, gossiping, bitch-biting, and people just being a-holes because they knew the could get away with it.

My first day at my current job I saw a sign in my boss's office that said 'Be nice or leave'. The environment make SUCH a difference to how we handle our daily symptoms.

I'm not working at the moment. I have a degree and a proffesional qualification but no longer have any interest in pursuing the same career. I keep thinking that If I'm ever well enough to return to work I want a job where there is no contact with human beings atall.

I am very down. I cannot envision a future where I will work and live a normal life. I want to get better but instead I'm getting worse.

Well I don't know what is like in the countries where you live, but I went this morning the the RSPCA (Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) here, to volunteer.
There were 24 new volunteers and I was the only male (felt a bit out numbered), but the positive thing is that everyone there are volunteers who want to be there and want to do good.
There are no crowds, no traffic, and all the animals there are in need of love and affection. Some people go just to walk dogs which i suppose is good for exercise too.

Yes, at times there are animals that come in with horrific injuries and neglect, but you get to choose where you work and don't have to see that side.
I chose the animal ambulance.

This is my first step since being discharged from the military after nearly 20 years of service. Which is all I know how to do.
I just hope I like it when I go for my first day.

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