Sufferer Joined to get some help with my relationship.


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I have been dealing a long time with PTSD. I am currently in a relationship that I hope will become permanent soon. But it's hard when you have this condition and the other person doesn't get it. I guess that's why I'm here. To see what others have done in their relationships with this issue.


may i use the global divorce rates as proof that long term relationships are hard, no matter what your conditions?
it is much easier to marry the one you love than to love the one you marry.

i don't **expect** my hubby to understand my mental health problems and love him enough to hope he never has the strictly personal insights **too** understand. ptsd is one of those conditions that you can't really understand unless you live with the condition, yourself. please let the love of my life stay ignorant, especially on the days when i want to kick him in the teeth for that very ignorance.

hubby is my partner in nurturing our family and building a secure base of operations for them to launch their daring lives from. that's plenty for one relationship.

i look to my therapy network for help and insights on the mental health issues which keep muddying my matrimonial waters. i wouldn't wish understanding of ptsd on my worst enemy, but i am grateful for places such as this very forum, where i can feel less alone with ^it^.