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Juls Mental Imagery

Discussion in 'General' started by juls, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. juls

    juls Active Member

    This is an imaginery journey down a road. Take in the sights, sounds and colours, just like a video camera recording all that lies surrounding you. Survey the scene, noticing whatis far off in the distance, the background surrounds, the weather, the season and a total image of what you view. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Try to visualize it as a picture on a canvas, but with movement, sound, colour and emotion. You are the surveyor on this journey. Draw your journey on paper if you desire, as it often shows clearer results, then attach your drawing via snapshot or scan to your post.

    Q1. What colour is the road? light and dark gray with dark vertical lines
    Q2. What texture is the road? smooth, bumpy, and irregular
    Q3. How solid is the road? firm

    You continue walking and come to a river that must be crossed. There before you is the river; the size and depth are up to you. You cannot go around it but must imagine a way to cross it. Whatever you need to cross the river is already within your mind, just imagine seeing yourself do it.

    Q4. How do you cross the river? swimming
    Q5. What does the water look like? dark murky brownish-blue
    Q6. How fast is the water current? it varies from medium to fast depending on the depth. The faster current is in the deeper water.
    Q7. Is there anything in the water? If so, what? there are unknown things that I cannot distinguish

    You have crossed the river and continue walking. You come to a house. Take a good look at the house. Notice the impression it makes on you.

    Q8. What colour is the house? white
    Q9. What condition is the house in? boards are hanging off and the paint is chipping--poor condition on the outside.
    Q10. Does anyone live in the house? If so, who? yes, An old man.

    We continue forward in our minds journey and come to an open field. A cup is on the ground, and we stop to examine it. The cup can be of any size, shape, colour and description. Focus on it's look, condition and contents.

    Q11. What colour is the cup? dark green
    Q12. What condition is the cup in? good
    Q13. Is there anything in the cup? If so, what? no

    You continue walking down the road and come to something blocking your path. It stops you in your tracks and prevents you from going forward. This is an obstacle.

    Q14. What is the obstacle, and please describe it in detail? a steam locomotive
    Q15. What do you see beyond the obstacle? mountains

    // End The Road Interview "copy between the tags" //

    // Start Self Analysis "copy between the tags" //
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  3. juls

    juls Active Member

    Self Analysis

    1. I think that my road varies in color and textures because my life and its expectations are ever-changing. It's firm, but I am unsure/untrusting how to approach it.

    2. The water is more frightening than the road because it's less predictable. Yet, I trust my capabilities to swim across, but am very tired because there are unknown things in the water that threaten me. I don't know if I can deal with the unknown.

    3. The house is a safe place. The old man is no threat. He is wise.

    4. The cup is dark green and in good shape. Nothing is in it. Therefore, I must be optimistic about something.

    5. The locomotive has stopped I must turn around and go the other way. I do not have the patience to wait.

    6. Mountains symbolize nature and are within my range of sight.
  4. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Hi Juls,

    You feel quite confused by life at present, though you feel that you're progressing regardless. You are trusting within intimacy, though definately sadness predominates from being deceived. You are cautious to get involved, yet at times impulsive. You are naive to believe your support systems are anything short of good enough to survive, as you have a poor self esteem to reflect this. You show a healthy aspiration towards commitment. Your current problem is the feeling of being emotional stationary, stopped in your tracks. Obvious really, considering you feel overwhelmed by the future already.
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