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Policy Enforcement
Here gathering further documentation. Medication free a long time now, including pot. Went through a series of tests dietary and have not been in a relationship minus a couple short term mistakes kind of playing on survivors guilt teamed with a security system around the time my ex almost forced me into homelessness. Seeing people have solely sought to exploit me I learned to adapt with a relationship despite the financial and land or certain sensory deals replacing that with exercise.

My past mental health was exacerbated due to a horrid hormonal deal that for what ever reason pot cured with in minutes - primary cause was the IUD I had thinking it was "hormone free" yet no one took the time in the medical community to say it was the direct cause that left me bleeding out like 3+ weeks a month with out pot- like I said with pot it stopped in minutes- but I estimate it has been 2 years or so maybe more since that also but looking for documentation for precision. Truth is even a copper IUD messes you up hormonally via prostaglandins - granting time for research. I noticed after stopping pot- I still felt high... occassionaly. This made me realize I was actually sick. I began elimination and dietary tests extensive documentation. I yanked the IUD and cycle returned to the normal- 8-10 days ( menorrhagia- never properly diagnosed from 30 years back.. but still a bit of intercycle spotting ( also noting raynauds sporadic since 12 - now seeing this IS RELATED. the current system seems to not see the head as connected to the body as far as psych. tsk.. tsk tsk.

I decided bleeding was preferable than dealing with exploiting pervert jerks Finally I got rid of it. ( admitting it was multifaceted:
( being a lying once illegal immigrant - I did not know till my housing was being pulled out from under my feet and mother claimed its not like your gonna die to marry this guy/ . He ends up participating in crappy behavior I have attempted to report and for the sake of paying for investigations basically sacrifice my life for legal and medical research to prevent international abduction potentials with many horror stories of societal failure in the past fed to me. But hey- your not killing or poisoning me, the time came its time to set it down. They have had ample time to check things out and I have to accept- man.

I ordered all my legal and medical records for a case pending where a former abuser is breaking his responsibility and with holding my child. That man was the most violent lying piece of crap I have seen. Anyhow-

Learned finally over a year free from abuser and linking to past abuser control either via relatives having access to my life home and records and they would come in my house and leave the door unlocked making shoddy undocumented repairs in a slum type property but lacking rental history I had no choice back then especially when the last abuser held my funds I borrowed him. Anyhow- mold problem - linked to initercycle. ( and noting menorrhagia since onset I slept in the basement where mold was found and mother also developed issues back at the same time. )

We occassionally have mold issues at work and co-workers who are lazy and an older manager that just doesn't seem to care. Documentation further revealing environmental deals ( calcium blockers sometimes I guess are prescribed to people with raynauds which also seemed to improve with pot for some reason but just noting that maybe it was usually I had a cuddle buddy because usually then boyfriends would provide it - or my ex. ) Anyhow noting dietary effects with raynauds. Eliminating dairy ( whether excessive calcium was from unfiltered water ( which is in my periphery at work scaling a clean earn in a day missing a ten dollar acetate filter - just saying) and noting from documentation health effects realted around work.

ANYHOW - point being its complicated, but doing better than ever. My cycle since omitting dairy and calcium based preservatives has been on average 5 days half what it ever had been regular .no intercycle ( unless exposed to mold spores with out killing the mold prior encouraged I had no issues cleaning some I soaked with bleach prior one time ). I cured myself of physical ailments linked primarily to ignorance and inspector and property managers apathy.. took 30 years. Amazed. Yet- miss my son and hate this rapist jerk who drools at my pain. But alas, one thing at a time. It was criminal sexual conduct one level and seems the only way I can get him to stop trying to strangle stalk and choke me out literally and financially will be to go again to the officers after all documentation comes in. I know my son loves him, and that is a sad thing- having tried to let the child have and love his father and preserve his memory even if I hate the guy. He would rather see me dead and gone obviously. Poison my body with un-necessary medication handicap and put me in abuser control likely for state funds. Nope. Had enough.

Working to develop better documentation for legal and medical because way to many inaccuracies, its repulsive. But seeing records from the 80's they have come a long way. ( there looking almost un-intelligible. Amazed anyone lived ..lol. Also noting the medical community's generally nt listening to females using my paternal grandmother as an example at the time when she needed a heart surgery and doctors claimed she was imagining things.

Similar here- I have a doctor claiming " olfactory hallucinations" when I have pictures of a bent exhaust pipe - unfitted to a bathroom fan from the slum property that had mold and water dripping down walls. This is what I am dealing with. As pictures of broken bones and un addressed assaults accumulate and officers do nothing - started at 15. Figures, I had relatives in the force. If this is how you treat family how do you treat others. We need better.

Furthermore- noting my ex-husbands telecommunications engineer degree in his homeland and connections to radio, and various media including movies. So is it beyond potential 13 years ago during a rape a hologram could appear ? I may construct one just to show people so narrow minded, and having read the archaic mindset of some people who have money for cool electronic toys that get off on torturing those deprived of where society is at due to poverty issues and willful oppression. I do have hope. I was once a 4.0 student and can learn having tested out of classes through self study. You will not tear that from me and being I cured what they failed to in 30 years- yes- I have hope so kindly get out of my way- watch if you must but man some people have a lot to learn. This body is mine you have no right to violate me nor steal my rights nor harm my kids- nor deny my potential to save your and your kids ass. ( not the site to whom I credit thanks)

And yes I reported his installing satelite dishes with out a liscence to the FCC back in 2008 or 2009 ( he works for cash - and no one cares about these tax evader abuser types apparently ? because a woman who speaks is- unworthy of being heard I guess ?

Hence invoking federal oversite maybe 13 years ago. ( due to international components as well as state oversight )

( that earn in the first post should be urn ) forgot how to edit it
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Policy Enforcement
Thus to the best of my knowledge acting in a cohort fashion - attempting to assist ( via working on better documentation suggestions such as highlighting transcripts with key words in all medical and legal communications and in the example of law enforcement body cameras and personally think surveillance is magical at least in my life to rid abuse)
to obtain better and more accurate documentation therefore addressing actual issues environmentally related in this particular case. Domestic violence, assist to end rediculous demand
( and therefore cost and black market activity to compensate for unlivable wages and violent societies struggling to obtain food in communities lacking community resources whether healthy food and per required diet and or community gardens and farms etc due to poor planning and overdevelopment)
for prescriptions while neglecting social and environmental issues - see also apathy in some cases or perhaps lacking proper protective equipment and or education
thus creating sick workers incapable of doing thier job ( see also maslows heirarchy and the gap in life expectancy dependent on income )

Noting however past Data Pedias of the United States- neglected any census of a homeless population and again stressing improvements compared to notes from the 80's minus the broad picture and accuracy vs. peoples lack of critical thinking, and pre-judgements, perhaps also legislation standing in the way of preventing children having to shelter with felons and act like whores to eat etc.

Yes if I had time data mining would be fabulous because statistics - are evidence also.

A job done well, is completed..
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