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Just Got Through the Weekend - No Meds

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For the last fortnight i have been coming down off one med to start another first week was ok the last week shit what a ride my psychiatrist had given me a script for valium in case. I got the bottle sitting in the cuboard for the ready but held out. I normaly get nightmares two or three times a week when things are going good i became that scared to go to bed in the last week. but battled on not sure if i have done the right thing or not. feels like i have gone back months as to how far i had moved forward. But just as my wife was getting ready for bed she asked me if i had taked any of the valium when she found out that i haddent she said she was so proud of me for holding it together over the weekend. Well that made my whole weekend of shit disapear in an instant so i thought i would just let you know cheers chat soon
Congrats Nugget on a tremendous effort and good for your other half too for acknowledging your great achievement!
Great job Nugget!!!

You've obviously taken some huge steps forward!!! :)

And I would also have that bottle sitting there... just incase...
Because even if you do end up taking the pills later on... you've still managed to conquer this last weekend!

Congrats again on a job well done :)
that is great! I look forward when they are done tapering me off meds to do this battle head on.
congrat nugget that is huge its fantastic
remember little steps...i have been where you are..acknowledge its real hard yakka and i mean hard yakka but hang in...i don't have the valium but the xanax sitting in my cupboard and i count the days in my journal...breathing techniques do you use them....
and your wife sounds so supportive...which is an added bonus.
and remember lapse doesn't mean a relapse..and all lapses mean improvement to some degree...
keep strong again congrat
How great it must feel, to have got through without having to rely on the meds! It is possible! Excellent you.
It is very possible purdy... get past some of the worst, then get the hell off those harmful, addictive medications. Some doctors will advise against ever coming off them, because some doctors agree to get a cut of the action for prescribing particular types of medications. If your doctor has your best interest at heart though, they will certainly help you get off the drugs when they believe you can handle it better, or atleast begin reducing the dosage to make things easier with less side effects.
Here's an idea about PTSD. I'm not a doctor and this is not medical advice, and a doctor should be consulted for any PTSD care. These are just some observations for consideration.

Stress, especially over long periods, causes the body to burn more adrenalyn and other hormones than normal. The body's stock of these (as well as the constituent materials the body uses to make these) gets depleted, and health, including mental health, eventually suffers. No amount of medicine will make up for the deficit.

The constituent materials may include minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, fats, and other nutrients: everything your body needs to go along with your genetic blueprint, to replace cells, tissues, hormones, etc., and keep your body and mind going. Keep in mind, too, that because every is unique, some people succumb to stress-induced trace mineral and other deficiencies before other people do.

Besides psychological trauma and bad memories, the lack of these constituent materials should theoretically be a major cause of PTSD.

If you think you will get these nutrients just by eating a well balanced diet you may be right, but you could also be wrong. Agriculture does not fertilize for all the 92 naturally occurring elements, or even for most trace elements. Hybrid varieties of crop and vegetable plants may have accidentally had bred out of them the ability to pull trace minerals out of the soil, as crop breeders sought other goals (research has shown this in corn). These kinds of things don't get researched much by universities funded by industry and government agencies under the political thumb of Congress. If it did agriculture would be different and we wouldn't be spending one-seventh of our GNP on healthcare.

A PTSD sufferer should consider the facts that:
1) no amount of medicine is going to replace burnt out hormones and the trace mineral catalysts and other basic nutrients the body needs to replace them
2) no pharmaceutical company is going to spend a billion bucks researching nutrition for you so it can make no profit selling no 'prescription drugs'
3) your doctor probably never had a single course in nutrition in his/her entire education, just search the Internet for medical school curricula that include nutrition course requirements
4) there really is something to organically grown foods, too, the microbiological balance of plant nutrients and growth promoting substances in compost produces higher quality in terms of flavor, mineral content, insect resistance, etc..

The human body has a genetic code of instructions for formation, operation, and maintenance. Nutrition is the building block supply. Without addressing nutrition, how can PTSD, which undoubtedly affects the body's supply of building blocks by accelerating their use under stress, without addressing nutrition, what kind of chance does medicine alone have to solve a problem?

Again, I am not a doctor. But, if I had PTSD, I would be researching nutrition first thing, and boosting it.

Hi John,

Love your advice mate... well said, and welcome to the forum. My own diet actually consists mainly of certified organic ingredients, all of which most definately make me feel better than I have before, being as you said, most of the goodness is gone from fruit and vegetables with pesticides, chemicals and so forth, before it hits the shopping market shelf. It costs us more, but we eat much better, much tastier food, all of which is much higher in nutrional value to us all.

I will say though, that it is not the solution to PTSD, as PTSD stems far past just stress, as PTSD itself is a chemical imbalance within the brain, and learning how to rebalance your right and left hemispheres is just as equally important.

Something discussed on this forum about this exact thing, is teaching yourself to become ambidextrous, as that in itself medically demonstrates a higher chemical balance of the brain than a person who is only one sided capable, vs. both sides capable equally.

I think there is much to be researched about the natural alternatives to many illnesses, as prescription medication definately causes more problems than its worth IMHO.
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