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Just Joking


They say that laughing is really good for you. It helps the lungs expand and helps your breathing. I have no real idea. I feel like I haven't laughed in 20 years. I never could remember jokes. Not just because of trauma stuff but because I couldn't retain them. But I like a good 'surprise' laugh.

Anyone have a good joke? Or just something that will help me laugh?

This is one that probably everyone knows but it was a surprise to me that I actually laughed out loud. It was a good feeling so wanted to know if anyone else wanted to join in the fun?

A policeman pulled over a young man in an expensive car.
The young man tried to insult the cop by implying his own superiority with a demanding question: "Do you know who my father is?"

To which the cop replied, "No. Didn't your mother tell you?"
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The only thing I can do properly, laugh!

“I identify with Frankenstein's
monster because I, too, am:
- Intellectually curious
Held together by a thread
- Seeking love and affection
- Interested in burning down the
homes of those who have betrayed
- Scared by my own reflection
Better in theory than real life”

“DOCTOR: You're depressed.
ME: How much longer do I have to live?
DOCTOR: Oh, you're gonna live.
ME: Yeah, but how much longer do I
have to?”