Just Saying Hello - PTSD Caused by Abuse

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Hey, i'm a 26 year old female from the UK, i've had PTSD for many years, the cause is due to severe abuse i've gone through in the past

Anyway, not sure what else to say, so hi xxx

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Hi Just Me,

I am Kerrie-Ann, Anthony's wife - welcome to the site. Normally my husband would welcome you too but he is currently catching up on some sleep. It catches him like that sometimes, I try to get him to establish regular sleep patterns but he is night person and I am a morning person. I am most often in bed well and truly before him so I can rarely hurry him to bed. Anyhow you will hear from him tomorrow.

Feel free to chat as you need to. It is all kept pretty casual so everyone feels comfortable, with the primary aim to help those with PTSD and their partners or support people. Chat soon.


Hey Just Me,

Welcome to the forum. You made a big step just by saying hello... so congratulations. Severe abuse? I gather your talking about relationships?


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G'day Just me, A big welcome from Johnno, wishing you well and hope you find some answers and support from this group as is my aim also. I have been a sufferer for 19 years now although I have only been diagnosed 3 years ago. It's good that people are coming out of the proverbial closet with this crippling problem.
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