Sufferer just to say, formally, hello - childhood trauma, abuse


my name is shane but you can call me grief. i live in arlington va. i'm 28 as of today and i joined a little while ago and have spoken with a few folks here who are very lovely. but had not really made one of these introductions. i am being assessed for ptsd and dysthymia and just began to see a counselor last week through my employment. i am a digital forensic analyst. i have a daughter and i am married.

my ptsd comes from a profoundly challenging childhood and some isolated events later on which involved many different forms of abuse. i do struggle with chronic health issues. i am HIV+. (you know the john mulaney bit. "hello! i am gay! i have AIDS! i am new in town!") as well as the mental difficulty of those, as a result of this. however i am stable at this time. (with medication i lead a normal life. i am able to be intimate. etc.)

i am not generally as open of that aspect of my life as there is a great deal of stigma associated with this although there is so much misinformation out there at this point it is simply due to boredom of answering the same repetitive questions. i have had people assume my daughter and husband are both + because they are in close proximity to me and such. i have had a medical professional roll his eyes and say it's to be expected.

although i no longer hold shame over it and it is partially why i grew into my identity as a queer person and having queer mentors who understood my struggle from a historical standpoint. (and this is why covid deniers really aggravate me but do not get me started on that one.)

i happen to be somewhat of a political person. somewhat of a longwinded person. i hate the beach. i can quote king lear by heart. i'm fluent in four languages. i am dyslexic. i will make too many "i'm in" hacker jokes because i have the sense of humor of an 80 year old man. it's not only trauma that lives in my brain after all. i'm glad to be here and i look forward to getting to know all of the rest of you.
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You're very much welcome. I really appreciate your sense of humour and writing here. Made me smile several times. Not since long but really present!

It takes courage to write things in detail and reviewing the past as you do. You've got this. From what I've read you've made your way through things and this isn't just luck.

Very much looking forward reading you too!


During the short amount of time that I have known you, you have impressed me as a very likable person, who is sincere and has a good sense of humor, and deserves to be supported and shown compassion and understanding. I agree that you have got this, you are off to a great start and it is my hope that you will continue to do well. I look forward to "reading you" as well.


Welcome! I have read everything you have written since joining. I am very glad you are here. I appreciate how forthcoming you are and see strength and stamina to have gotten as far as you have.

Ignorance abounds in this crazy world we live in. I am an old lady that has watched the lemmings follow others right off the cliff. I still hear stupid comments about PTSD. I don't bother to go there anymore.

Glad you are here. So much to learn and unlearn. This is a good place to land.


thank you to each of you for reaching out once more. and know that i have been following along with your posts as well and listening to your stories. it has helped immensely in feeling like this is a place that i may be able to share some of myself in return. i have appreciated every one of our interactions and your responses to my comments are felt more deeply than i anticipated.