Just when I think I am fine… Shocked by getting triggered, and my reaction to being triggered.


I was on this forum quite regularly about 11-13 years ago before I got married and moved to Zambia. Most of the time, I am OK. But then, suddenly I can be triggered and that shocks me. Case in point--Last Sunday, my husband, his daughter and our granddaughter were together in the car. A drunk man came up to my window. I was on full alert, but frozen. He kept on talking in a different language to me. The rest of the family understood him, but I didn't. Eventually, he grabbed me on my shoulder. I felt like it was burning. I couldn't move. I was frozen. I just said, "He grabbed me." Our daughter reached out of the car and slapped him hard. Then, my husband got out of the car and chased him away. I just feel vulnerable all over again. Thanks for listening


yea, my own symptoms work that way, too. over-confidence that i am fine has a way of blinding me to what is at my feet. i cope by taking my daily psych maintenance very seriously. most days, that daily maintenance only takes a few minutes here and there while saving me the agony of starting over again every time life throws me a curve ball.

steadying support while you recover from your trigger event. i would be worried about anybody who can experience that and remain unaffected.


Yes, me too. I got triggered recently also, and at first I thought I was okay for a day or so, but then began the horrible churning anxiety and ever-present fear, suicidal thoughts, and constantly being startled. Times like these, I realise that in truth, society can really only operate in any kind of safe way if we all adhere to the social norms and rules. When people step outside of those, like that man did to you, and like what happened to me - just random abuse out of nowhere - I get this horrible feeling of doom that it could all just go to shit with no rhyme or reason to it! No safety anywhere. And that anyone can do anything any time really - and it makes me appreciate the greater majority who really do do the right thing and consider others with their actions.
And makes me more determined to remain that way too. Hope you feel better soon. It takes a while for me - been almost a week now but it's starting to feel a bit better. I went swimming, that helped!