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Kerrie-Ann's Mental Imagery

Discussion in 'General' started by permban0008, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. permban0008

    permban0008 Policy Enforcement Banned

    This is an imaginery journey down a road. Take in the sights, sounds and colours, just like a video camera recording all that lies surrounding you. Survey the scene, noticing whatis far off in the distance, the background surrounds, the weather, the season and a total image of what you view. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Try to visualize it as a picture on a canvas, but with movement, sound, colour and emotion. You are the surveyor on this journey. Draw your journey on paper if you desire, as it often shows clearer results, then attach your drawing via snapshot or scan to your post.

    Q1. What colour is the road? Red Dirt
    Q2. What texture is the road? Thick, smooth, dusty.
    Q3. How solid is the road? Firm

    You continue walking and come to a river that must be crossed. There before you is the river; the size and depth are up to you. You cannot go around it but must imagine a way to cross it. Whatever you need to cross the river is already within your mind, just imagine seeing yourself do it.

    Q4. How do you cross the river? Rope bridge
    Q5. What does the water look like? Deep blue, choppy
    Q6. How fast is the water current? Fast
    Q7. Is there anything in the water? If so, what? Nothing

    You have crossed the river and continue walking. You come to a house. Take a good look at the house. Notice the impression it makes on you.

    Q8. What colour is the house? Cream with black framed windows and a deep red front door.
    Q9. What condition is the house in? Near new
    Q10. Does anyone live in the house? If so, who? Me and my two boys, two cats and one dog.

    We continue forward in our minds journey and come to an open field. A cup is on the ground, and we stop to examine it. The cup can be of any size, shape, colour and description. Focus on it's look, condition and contents.

    Q11. What colour is the cup? White
    Q12. What condition is the cup in? Crack in the handle, worn in, not new.
    Q13. Is there anything in the cup? If so, what? Water, clear cool water.

    You continue walking down the road and come to something blocking your path. It stops you in your tracks and prevents you from going forward. This is an obstacle.

    Q14. What is the obstacle, and please describe it in detail? My husband with an unharnessed distant emotional energy. Unavailable. Blocking my path trying to encourage my understanding.
    Q15. What do you see beyond the obstacle? Blue sky, green pastures, sense a feeling of peace and calm. Warmth.
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  3. permban0008

    permban0008 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Now you have had a break, go back to every question and look at your response. Try and find what you feel that your mind presented the image it did. Explain colours you chose, textures, water, cup, solids, liquids, space, objects, people, anything and everything that you wrote from your projected image, try and find what you feel to why you have that image. Don't look hard at things, instead try and look for the easy answers, as they are often the correct one's. Don't attempt to find something that isn't present, just look at each aspect for its absolute simplicity.

    This is not an absolute, but something you must do in order to try and self analyse yourself. This is important. Please answer what you can, and simply define if you cannot find an emotion to a response you gave.

    # A need to feel a connection with the earth. To get back to basics to find myself.

    # Its earthy and warm and comforting. Real and tangible. Like being at home.

    # Even though life is in turmoil at the moment I feel the firmness and solidarity of home and family.

    # Clearly representative of my lifes current turmoil. Its a bridge and its safe but it will take more than a little courage to walk it to get to the other side.

    # Deep blue. A feeling of deep emotions surfacing. Its cool and comforting but deep.

    # Turmoil.

    # There is no room for anything else in the water and it would be swept away quickly if anything were there.

    # Earthy colours. A feeling of solidarity and safeness, with the welcoming warmth of the red door.

    # Near new. Meaning it has been built recently and we (the boys and I) are on the way to making it our home. Somewhere that is ours and from which we don't have to move.

    # The makings of a home and a family as best we can under the current circumstances. Security.

    # The cup is white but its worn, comfortable like your favourite pair of shoes.

    # Cool, crystal water. Refreshing.

    # My obstacle is my husband with his distant emotional energy. It remains a source of frustration and angst that I can't seem to put this behind me. Its like wanting to understand but not having the tools or the clear communication to clarify things for me.

    # Past my obstacle to a future away from the city, closer to my extended family and away from some of the turmoil and stress. Finally calmness and peace and quiet. Time to gather my thoughts.
  4. Roerich

    Roerich M.D.


    The longest journey is the journey within and yours has been one of high emotion with all it's mountains and valleys. Quick to speak and act and get involved, you may seek strength by trying to control both what gives you pleasure and pain. It is when emotional turbulence and undercurrents within are not perceived that the outer world may appear safe and secure because we want it to be so. Logic tells us so, hidden emotion reveals it is not. Trust when getting close to others has been displaced by fear of being controlled by others.

    What is the ultimate control but to give one's heart away to another for no one can do that but ourselves. The most priceless treasure kept in a gilded cage is still a prisoner within no matter what the surroundings or present company. Our castle may appear solid and secure but it is a cold fortress if love is not within and the home fires are no longer burning. Passion takes in a moment, love gives forever. They are not the same.

    Can others truly be blamed for raging emotion within? That path to inner peace begins by dusting ourselves off and looking in on that longest journey. Honesty is vital especially when trust is lost and all the words in the world cannot describe an emotional world that is felt, not spoken, not healed.

    Painful awareness is known to you in relationships which may have seemed close but have been distant in what love demands of us, to love, to trust, and to be loved. We may seek another, but to truly know anyone we must first know ourselves.
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