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I found an old thread on butt boils while searching, but it was too old to reply. It's kinda gross but I'm gonna go out on a limb and bet that others here have had the same problem.

I've always had a bit of "buttne" ...but a couple of years ago, my stress/anxiety/depression hit a real low and it got A LOT worse. I started getting painful boils around my bum, on my outer thighs, and then even on my front thighs and lower abdomen. Some were small pimple like, and some were painful boils. They were scarring and it made me feel even lower.

I got desperate enough to see doctors and dermatologists. Staph, folliculitis and keratosis pilaris were mentioned as conditions behind it. So were antibiotics (Keflex, Roaccutane) but I didn't want to resort to those if I could avoid... I'd been on Roaccutane when I was a teen, and it works but also has nasty side effects.

Long story short: I tried just about everything and google researched every day. The last Dermo I saw put me on to a cream called AmLactin to use daily, and a Vitamin A cream (need prescripton from a dermo) to use for a month.

It took a few weeks and then I noticed they stopped forming, since then old scars have slowly faded, my skin down around there has become smooth and stayed clear...

I know the root cause was/is stress. This may only be a bandaid but it's effective and brought me so much relief - I'd like to spread the word on it as much as possible because I would have given anything to find a solution and I spend a lot of money in the process.... hope it helps some others


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Thanks! You are correct that you are not alone. I have a tendency to develop folliculitis when I am highly stressed. I have not yet found a good treatment once it gets going, so I will try and remember to ask doc about this prescription cream next time it starts.


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Yeah Folliculitis Sucks. Just to clarify: the AmLactin doesn't require a prescription - you can get it at quite a few places, even Amazon (https://amzn.to/326ugAi) but the Vitamin A cream does. However I only used the Vit A cream for the first month... AmLactin I still use every day and it seems to be what prevents it from reoccurring and it also clears up the pigmentation from scarring.

Hope it helps you!


Look up Hidradenitis or HS. I have that and take HUMIRA injections. When I’m really stressed, I get flare-ups. All of my abscesses are in the groin, outer and inner thighs, under and between my breasts, under my arms - I’ve had several surgeries and tons of scarring.

Hope this helps.


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Wow I suffer from this to. I thought it could be PTSD related, but then went to the doctor, he gave me the cream but when I asked him if it had anything to with PTSD he said no.

Good to know that stress causes it.