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Klanala's Trauma Diary

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What's your alternative reasons to live? ;)

And I don't mean just the big, looks good on promo posters, shit.
I mean the little stuff too.
And not so little, hard to name ones.

& So you remember the feeling of safe... that's actually a good thing. It means what hospital stays offer can be recreated elsewhere, piece by piece. 'Only' needs those pieces fetched & collated together right.

Without someone's nonsense taking a hammer to that castle of glass with how vulnerable shelter it's gonna be, the first few years.
Hello ronin. I thought I would give you an update. I am moved in. Have a new love seat ordered. Only 1 relationship. Firm boundaries set. I have no time money energy to give to people not moving forward blaming others not being accountable etc. Never attending a church again. So many people violated my boundaries doing my move I said enough. Trauma survivors aka codependent are targeted. I no longer care if they think they are well meaning. No is powerful.
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