Knock on Back (Patio) Door After Dark

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OMG. I live in a condo with six units, and I am on the bottom floor. Part of the condo is under ground, part opens onto a patio and woods nearby. My very crazy neighbor just knocked on my patio door. It's 9pm. It's dark. My blinds were closed. Who does that?!?

So much anxiety. I mean, the lights were off, and I couldn't see who it was. She pulled up her flowers (in the dark at 9pm) and wanted to know if I wanted them.

Who does that?

Feeling anxious and unsafe and like I want to crawl in the closet for the rest of the night.
OMG, who does that? Weird neighbor!!! I'm sorry it left you feeling that way and I must say it would do the exact same thing to me. Hope you can rest.
I’m sorry that happened!! That would have me panicked as well! Also wanted to note that my closet is my safe place, so I’d be headed to the same place as you! Hope you get your nerves calmed down soon.
Yup, that’s a here and now fright…not a bubble from the past where you gotta do the work to convince yourself that you’re safe.

I don’t know how else your neighbour behaves, but what they did is a definite NOPE!

Perhaps you can build the sense of protection you have in your home to lower the stress response.

If that could be useful, I’m sure folks here could offer suggestions on home security tricks & tips. Or maybe it helps to go over some ideas you have already.

When I’m in response mode, it can help to brainstorm in list format. Keeps my thinking brain engaged so I don’t turn full lizard mode.

Take what’s useful to you in this moment.
But then, it's light out, and I can see people coming in the back before they get here! :-)
Time to instal a light, motion detector, or infrared camera?

I’m a keep lights on 24/7 chick, myself. Different environments dictate which kind (I’m far more likely to have cafe lights, than flood lights, for example)… but infrared cameras are a lovely modern convenience, and so widely/cheaply available these days.
What did you say to her about the flowers? Curious how it went from there sorry if I missed that
Oh, told her no, I didn't want them. Then she wanted to know why not. Grrrr. She planted a bunch about a week ago without my permission because she thinks "everything needs to be kept nicely manicured" and she hadn't yet received permission to plant at her place. I told her I'm more of a "wild" sort of person, and think "manicured" looks pretentious. LOL

I wasn't nice, but I don't feel bad about it anymore. LOL
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