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last 5 years...

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Hi Everyone,

The last time i posted my rose coloured glasses had broken, oh boy, did they break!! they were replaced with a Blind Fold, it was 2weeks after
I had a pretty big accident, car, i went for a roll with her horizontally down a cliff, I rolled with her down 50mtrs of embankment then freefell another 30mtrs. I am lucky to be alive and i am also lucky i still have all my limbs. I hid, i think my alters had a free for all with me for these passed 5 yrs, because i had forgotten about this forum.

forgotten intentionally maybe? or maybe not, i wish i hadnt, truly do, i have some things going on that i really need advice on, but not right now, though i feel im drowning with no Life buoy.. Because im just happy i finally have rememebered you were Here!!!!
Welcome back. Sorry for what brought you back but am glad you remembered we are here for you when you are ready.

im so happy i did remember, I remember how we all help and support each other, share our stories, help with our own truths.

welcome back, ashondra. got my life preserver ring in hand and waiting to toss. just need some orientation on which direction to toss in.

listening. . .
thank you so much arfie, just over here a little to the left.
Not open for further replies.