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Last movie or tv series you watched?

Last Movie : Robots! :D Loooove it. There are certain kinds of CSI animated movies (Nemo, Monsters Inc., How To Train Your Dragon, Wall-E, Avatar -blue people 3D- Despicable Me, that I just go a little :inlove: over.) Robots, with Robin Williams & Ewan McGregor, is soooo one of them!

Last TV series : Not telling. Because I just figured out (several seasons in) why my sister has been calling me the nickname she's been calling me for over a decade. :bag: We don't watch the same TV. We just don't. But I was out of things to stream and figured, whatever, it's free. And got hooked. And now a combo of embarassed and paranoid. OMFG. I don't know if I'm just that stereotypical or if she's figured out more about me -and things I don't talk about- than she's let on. >.<
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Last TV show: Dr. Who

How did I not know about this show sooner?! I am super hooked. I have watched some episodes twice!

Last movie: The Dust Bowl

A History channel movie because yes, I am that much of a nerd. Lol. It also helped me understand my family tree more. My great grandfather was an oakie, and became an alcoholic as the family escaped the dust bowl and headed to California.
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Last Movie : Robots! :D Loooove it. There are certain kinds of CSI animated movies (Nemo, Monsters Inc.,...
Aren't they making a second Avatar?

Doc Martin. I got hooked and now I want to live on that little island.

The new King Arthur movie was...
I do love Charlie Hunnam
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Wadjda (movie)
The Good Doctor (series)

@Justmehere - my grandparents in south Nebraska were also affected by the dust bowl and that's how they came to California though my grandfather Charlie never would speak about "how" because so many people were turned away at the borders. My grandmother was pregnant with my father during that time. So I bookmarked online a 50 minute segment of what you shared about the dust bowl.
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