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Hey everyone, I suffer from dyslexia and ADHD, and just like PTSD it causes me to be neurodivergent and some of the symptoms overlap. I have found this forum to be incredibly helpful and just really great to be able to connect with people who also have PTSD. I was wondering if any of y’all knew of a forum like this, a support forum for people with LD’s and ADHD? I mean this is just been so wonderful. I would love to be able to talk to people who also suffer from those as well and believe me I have looked everywhere I feel like and I keep coming up blank.
it's been suggested often that ADHD should be a dish on my psycho smorgasbord, but it has also been that the inability to focus, etc., are PTSD symptoms. i buy the second theory and treat the symptoms with PTSD therapy tools.

for sure, i am dyslexic. perhaps my dyslexia is a mild case, but i often find it can work to my advantage. with mindful acceptance, i can laugh when i turn was into saw. context will usually alert me to that quirk. "i was a bird in the sky" simply doesn't make sense. it makes for a juicy daydream, though. when i was designing circuit boards, i often had to route duplicate circuits in mirror images. that is a challenge for many, but a no-brainer for me. with compassionate nurturing, mirror images come naturally to dyslexics. dyslexics have more fnu, ya know.
Several members here have ADHD and/or other neurodivergence. If you don’t find other platforms/forums, you can still connect with people here about those things.

I haven’t found another site/internet forum either. I did find a useful Facebook group so, if you are on Facebook, that’s an option you could look at. There are many ADHD groups on Facebook!