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Learning PTSD Off Meds - Need A Break

Discussion in 'General' started by permban0077, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    I want to thank everyone who PMs me for having the confidence in me to help them and is open enough to air out issues. Right now I am learning to balance being prescription med free and PTSD.

    Currently most of you know I am learning how to live with PTSD without medication, I am going to take some time for myself and am not quite myself right now. No time limit, I suggest you contact another editor with your questions right now.

    Yes, I am signed up for the mentor program but since I was not assigned a person yet and have been stretching myself in PMs I need a break. Understand this is what the mentor program was designed for. I hope that someone will sign up so my obligations are clear and I am not so stretched feeling. If you would like me as a mentor sign up as my PM system is too much for me right now in the forum as a whole. I need to go this route. I just have too many PMs as of now.

    Again, I will not put a break time on me. I will still edit and post. But I am getting ill and need to learn my boundaries as suggested by becvan, and anthony.

    Learning how to manage PTSD at this point is very new to me and not many here are able to understand this phase of managing. Please respect my needs. I do want to be there for all of you but I cannot. I need to be here for me first and as a team mate for you. I can be of no help if I am unwell. Again, go to the mentor area if you really want help and I can handle one.

    Thanks to all for being there for me and when I can I will be here for you.
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  3. She Cat

    She Cat Policy Enforcement Banned Premium Member Sponsor $100+


    Stay well...

  4. Marlene

    Marlene I'm a VIP Premium Member


    When I saw your thread title it made me smile a little. I guess because I'm still in the middle of that learning curve myself. The last few weeks have been really great. Last couple of days...not so much. Relearning boundries is a bit tougher than I thought it would be.

    Take care of yourself. I'm glad your putting limits on yourself. We're our own worst enemies at times...especially when we're pushing to help others.

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  5. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    I'm very happy to see this thread up! Good for you, for taking some needed "me" time while in this new phase.

    Members need to remember that not just one person can do it all. Which is why we are a community!

    Looking forward to hearing about this learning phase as you go through it!

  6. Nicolette

    Nicolette ♡ Supporter Admin ♡ Supporter Admin Sponsor $100+

    It is really good that you are trying to set boundaries which suit you and enable you to continue your healing. Well done veiled....I am sure most people here will respect your request based on their own experiences.

    Keep up the good work including caring for your needs.
  7. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Thanks guys :)

    Lisa, for some reason in my head I was thinking my learning curve would be withdrawals. I for some reason thought I could just keep going as I did before when on medication once withdrawals were closing up. Now I see in a sense I am back to square one. My symptoms are not any where as severe but just there. But if I try to do too much (like think hard LOL) it sends them all over.

    I am now back to simple hygiene, care for 3 year old 3 days a week and weekends with hubs help, make a very pretty and healthy supper and serve it on the china (motivates me more this way), get a nightly walk in... And that sums up all I can do for now. Once I can do this without feeling so... blech I will start to add a little more and keep going. I got a huge eye opener today when an old trigger I had over come quite a while back suddenly did it tonight and I about lost it. That was a big red flag to slow down and after talking to hubs we have a clear understanding of my needs so there should not be any questions.

    I have my plan... At least I know how to do it this time, I just have to follow my own rules.
  8. Nicolette

    Nicolette ♡ Supporter Admin ♡ Supporter Admin Sponsor $100+

    Good luck Veiled and I hope you can stick to your rules :wink:
  9. Awakening

    Awakening Well-Known Member

    Veiled you are a great support on here, you make so much sense.

    I'm glad you can recognise you need a break from PM's, the board, whatever, then go for it. Hopefully you can fit in some time to do something nice for yourself like a massage or a good book or even a nice coffee & some quiet time.
  10. Marlene

    Marlene I'm a VIP Premium Member

    Ain't that the truth! I have several arguments with myself a week anymore. I've self-imposed some new rules and, for the most part, they work just fine. At least when I argue with myself I'm doing it in my mind and not out loud! That would be crazy, man! LOL

    You're right that you can't just keep going on like when you were on the meds. I think we go back to (semi at least) to square one to relearn everything again and learn to deal sans medication. The hardest part for me is when things get tough (like yesterday afternoon) the same thought goes through my head that 'relief is just a pill away'. I hope that this thought fades with time.

    Hang tough, take care of yourself and don't forget to cut yourself some slack.

  11. Kathy

    Kathy I'm a VIP

    Very well done Veiled, you deserve some "me time", just as we all do. I do hope the break is helpful and relaxing for you.
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