Sufferer Learning to listen to my cptsd

Hi there, I’m Megan.
After a lifetime of feeding addictions I got sober last year from alcohol, pills, candy and sugar, social media and I’m learning to moderate my food intake.
While I had a traumatizing childhood having a parent with ptsd due to his own childhood trauma along with military service later in his life,
I have my own I am learning to listen to and not let it control my life anymore. I don’t like the way I treat my family or myself when my cptsd runs roughshod. While I don’t have classic flashbacks, my emotional flashbacks are crippling because I’ll get triggered and hours later I finally realize I’m not doing well.
While medication helps a great deal, I have never seen a ptsd group in real life and I hope to learn newer and healthier coping mechanisms (especially since the holidays are around the corner and family is a huge trigger for me!)
Thank you for being here! I hope I can benefit this group.


Hi @Meganhenslick , welcome to you! I relate to much (most) of your post, exxcept I do have FB's (rarely) too. May I ask what meds have been effective for you?

I really like your intro and think it's a great idea to anticipate and plan for the holidays in a positive but realistic way. I also think you are wise to have said "listen to (your) cptsd".

There is much support here and great feedback from many. Nice to have you here! 😊


New Here
Good job gaining sobriety! The hoiday season is also hard for me. My worst abuses happened at Christmas when we went to grandma's house. I can feel triggered anytime from mid- October thru mid- January. Hope we can both find comfort here.