Leaving This Site.

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Crying Lady

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I want to say my piece before I leave regardless of they mods or admins close or delete this thread. Well, it doesn't matter how I say this because I know that they will do this anyways.

I am leaving this site due to a bad experience I had here. There's no sense of unity here and there's a huge lack of caring and understanding here. I had users here actually tried to convince me that something that deeply affected me wasn't serious because they didn't want to see it or because they had some weird protectiveness over children and when I tried to speak up about it one of the mods called themselves made at me and close my thread.

It's unhealthy here and probably needs to be shutdown even though I know it won't happen. Everyone else with a good heart and who's understanding I hope you take care and do well ✌🏽


I read that thread when it was first posted and I re-read it now. You cannot see that people were trying to help you. You seemed to have interpreted everything as an attack on you when it wasn’t. Healing isn’t possible unless you can learn to accept help that isn’t always wrapped in hugs.


I'm sorry the OP felt like that and I hope they get the support they need
For new people reading this: this is one person's opinion.

It's not how I saw it. I was one of the people in that thread.

Everyone needs to make up their own minds.

And no site is going to make everyone happy all of the time.


I am just a non paying member here. I hope I am one of the few to see this before it is cleaned out. Good bye posts do no one any good
Not open for further replies.