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I recently joined and left a FB group for supporters of combat veterans with ptsd.

I was amazed by the sure stupidity of some of these women. Some have been in relationships for years and have absolutely no clue how trauma and ptsd changes the brain and the individual.

The majority of the posts were about how their S/O was verbally abusive to them. And questions about what they should do. Most of the veterans weren't in therapy.

I'm just confused about all of them. Their S/O has a major mental health disorder and they are only concerned about their own treatment.

I get it. I really do. None of us deserve to be treated poorly. BUT how can anything change without addressing the disorder?

When I found out J had ptsd I researched the hell out of it. Still do. You can't support if you don't know what you're dealing with.

This isn't an easy road. If J wasn't trying and learning, and was that out of control angry guy he was years ago. I'd be long gone.

If your sufferer isn't in therapy or doesn't even acknowledge the disorder??? There is nothing to work with.


Prayers for our Military, Thin Blue line and First Responders! XO


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I was on a group too, when I was with my now ex whom I miss so much. However he wasn't like any of those men the women described. They discussed physical abuse and other forms of abuse. I feel that even though one might have combat PTSD, that doesn't mean you become a narcissist abuser. I left the group because there wasn't any useful information. Just constant "my s.o. is an ahole" discussion.


@EveHarrington Not only face book but the whole internet... and sometimes the whole world *lol*... I think most people just aren’t very smart or thoughtful. Sorry to be that negative.
One the other hand I get why they are unhappy and need to talk about their relationship and what can they actually do if their guys do not want treatment.
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