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Legal Ramifications and Psyco Counsellors

Discussion in 'General' started by love2hate, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. love2hate

    love2hate New Member

    Basically. I am a deeply distrusting individual.
    The experiences that I have had, have taught me not to trust anyone. Certainly not the police or the (in)justice system.
    I am profoundly terrified that a C-PTSD dianosis will do me exactly no good.
    I am especially concerned that my young child might be taken from me or that legal issues that I am not aware of might arise.
    So that is my question, might a C-PTSD dianosis result in... I don't know... even more bad shit happening to me?
    I am also afraid of the consellors. When I was a child my mother brought me to a psyciatrist and he tried to use our time together to convert me to Mormonism and completely refused to discuss the abuse I suffered. Luckily, I was able to escape before he did too much damage but... what is the percentage of preditors that become counsellors? I would imagine that it would be quite high.
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  3. think about picking one licenced by the state even if the state does not require it. Maybe pick one that say is a female .. There is quite a bit of information online about picking a therapist or treating proffessional.
    I used this link for picking one in the US http://www.4therapy.com/consumer/

    And I read an article from Money magazine from 2004 on this issue
    http://www.smartmoney.com/10things/index.cfm?story=may2004 It has some guidelines also on picking a qualified proffessional . I know I have had a devil of a time finding a therapist who knows anything about complex chronic PTSD. but really in my experience I have not heard of many whacko weirdo quack therapists. But the ones you do hear about usually land in the news. So the bad press can be widespread.
    I have more trouble with personality conflict issues and new therapists. I am no wallflower, complacent ,compliant client.. So I pick a therapist I am sure I cant run all over that has a stubborn streak. . Chuckling
    But having the freedom to pick who you want to see is different from being sent by a relative to see whoever. See.... if ya dont like one you can fire them.. As a kid you did not have that power. I was treated for a short period of time by psych docs in an experimental program for disturbed children in Oklahoma . Getting pody trained by psychiatric proffessionals at 4 was no picnic. Talk about white smock syndrome!
    Nora in Colorado
  4. love2hate

    love2hate New Member

    Thank you.
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