Less sleep less anxiety


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Diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder. What I find unusual is that when I have a good sleep my anxiety level is quite high the next day.
However, when I don't sleep at night or sleep very little my anxiety is very low the next day. Seems to be the opposite of what should happen.
Anyone else experience this?


No, but perhaps bi-polar.
Then I can cheerfully recommend this site >>> NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness <<< to you. Alhough I am certain there are many other great sites out there, both specific to certain disorders (like GAD & Bipolar Disorder) as well as -like NAMI- dedicated to the whole arena of mental health / psychological disorders and conditions.

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When I had very serious and unpleasant anxiety issues years ago, it didn't matter how good or bad I slept the night before. I was incredibly nervous and shaky much of the time.