Letting go. Wanting to change self


Intrusive thoughts are difficult for me too. Sometimes out or the clear blue other times from a trigger. Music is useful to me in the moment, louder the better. I feel it can drown out thoughts with volume. You could try to distract with a different tool.

Writing down in a journal your reoccurring thoughts with promise to yourself that you will find resolution later. That can help free your mind from having to remember.

Hope you find something that works.


When you find out, can you let me know the answer?!

I'm trying, to varying degrees of success (no success today), to counter balance the feelings and thoughts. With thoughts I say to myself "I'm safe" or "it's ok" or whatever it might be to try and give myself a different way of thinking or seeing something.
With feelings, I try and say that this must be a younger part that is feeling that. And remind myself that feelings pass. I am not my feeling. And my feeling isn't a static fact.

Sometimes this really works.
But when I'm "run down" with thoughts/feelings/stress, it isn't as effective. And so hard to drag myself out of that.
But trying to keep a perspective, just a little handle on seeing it differently feels like the path to come out of it. Rather than being consumed by it.



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