Life begins at 51


@Teasel I have no doubt in your ability to form a life for yourself. Read back over your posts and you have come so far and are doing so much more. There are going to be times it feels overwhelming, and you'll have doubt, but keep the journey in the back of your mind and when those times happen, take that memory out and it will help. Making close friends take time and their is nothing wrong with have a bunch of acquaintances, and the more people you meet the more chance of making a deeper connection that leads to friendship. One or two good friends is a blessing and just take your time. 🫂


Thanks @Movingforward10

Missing @ladee

Had a great morning, and a pretty awful afternoon. This morning I got out for a walk, set up my old wii and played baseball and golf, and had a kitchen disco.

This afternoon I got sick and had to go to bed. Really felt bad, same happened a couple weeks ago, think I'll phone Drs Monday.

Then a young boy knocked on my door. Maybe young teenage. When I opened the door he just stood there, looking down. Carried on doing that when I said What? I shut the door on him. It bothered me. Have felt safe so far here.


Was well today, grateful for it. Gave the kitchen a thorough clean, did the shopping, decided I felt like a sunday dinner, so bought the necessaries and cooked it. Really enjoyed it too.

Been having quite a few happy spells again recently. The friend I had thought didn't want to message anymore has been messaging again. I think it was physical n mental n autism / adhd issues rather than not wanting to message me that had her go quiet.

Pleased to be messaging again. Noticing concerns about trust and my sense of worth / mood plummeting when I don't feel I have a friend.

I don't know, on one hand I think it understandable. But I think I do want to explore it too.
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I love it when I'm able to function. I love feeling like I've got things together. And Perhaps part of me is frightened of that too? I don't really know if that's what it is or not. But I know that for years now, decades, that very often, as soon as I notice I am doing well, I stop doing well, I think there is some fear behind that.

Anyway, I am feeling really grateful that today I could function, could feel like I have things together, I've really enjoyed it.