Life begins at 51


Been told I have to look for somewhere else to live. I'm so incredibly sad. I wish I could have had more time here, things being good, stable, safe.

I only just now started to feel like things are going good for me and to get the news the very next day that that will end is devastating.

Opening up this page to see the new title to my diary just did me in.

Life beginning at 51 can of course be awful, no guarantees of it being lovely.
@Teasel, this is sad news to be sure and will take some time to sink in and accept. However, I want to encourage you to look at the new title of your diary with hope. You are correct that there are no guarantees of it being lovely, but I want to bring something to your attention and as a reminder. I read your posts over the time you got the place you are in now...

YOU made it LOVELY. Life did not do that, YOU did. I watched with excitement as you found the place, I watched as you assessed where it had issues, but where it had promise, too. I watched as you used things you already had and watched as you bought new things to bring the place some of your style. I was excited for you as you packed from that home to camp, watched as you went to festivals from that home...YOUR HOME....YOU turned that place into YOUR HOME. AND, I danced with you in the kitchen that day you discovered your 'happy dance' and every time after that! YOU made that place home, don't ever forget that!

And, if you did it at 50, you can do it again at 51...and we will be here to read along, watch as you do it again, support you on the down days, celebrate with you on the UP days. And there will sure to be both, but we will be there with you!

You CAN do this, you've already done this! Take it one step at a time and believe that everything WILL work out. YOU will make it lovely. I believe in you.


Just checking in to say hello @Teasel
How are you?

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I took on a new work project a few weeks ago and it’s been very stressful and full-on. I haven’t had the time or head space for much else, so haven’t been on here much.

So, just popping in to say hi while I’m sitting down taking a breath for a moment 👋


Lovely yo see you @barefoot Thanks for taking the time out to say hi 😊

I'm ok thanks. Stressed about finding somewhere to live but I try not think about it as much as poss.

Struggled a bit this week too as the friends I've made have struggles of their own and I miss their messages dearly.completely understand it if course, and did well with self care and such despite not wanting to do it.

Art is a welcome distraction too.

Hope you are ok? And not too stressed out by your work opportunity 🌸


I’m alright thanks, T. Work stress is…work stress! At least I’m getting paid! :)

Sorry to hear you’ve got stresses around finding a new place, and missing some new friends.

Sounds like you’ve navigated it well. And fantastic news that you are forming new friendships, as I know that’s something you’ve been wanting for so long.


The friends stopped messaging me. I crumble when I've got no one. Can't stop sobbing again today. My good habits are out of the window because I'm back to being half a week here, half a week back where I used to live to try to sort out my things. Which isn't going well. Not functioning, not sketching anymore. I did make myself go to art class. Was horribly overwhelmed, managed not to sob there too but felt so very sad. I'm bingeing ever such a lot.

The title of this diary is laughing at me.