Life begins at 51

The friends stopped messaging me. I crumble when I've got no one. Can't stop sobbing again today. My good habits are out of the window because I'm back to being half a week here, half a week back where I used to live to try to sort out my things. Which isn't going well. Not functioning, not sketching anymore. I did make myself go to art class. Was horribly overwhelmed, managed not to sob there too but felt so very sad. I'm bingeing ever such a lot.

The title of this diary is laughing at me.
Here with you 🫂


I might be getting over my reaction to daring yo have such a title to my diary. Course now I've said that life will probably prove otherwise.

The 2 autistic friends are both messaging again.. Likely that has an awful lot to do with my mood picking up off the floor.


Went to the cinema yesrerday, saw the film Living with Bill Nighy, adapted by Kazuo Ishiguro from a Japanese film. I love his books, the film was good. Had trouble sleeping after all the diet coke, but I just love having a huge diet coke when I go to the cinema. I should naybe rake my own caffeine free stuff in....

Had a kitchen disco after, used my projection light and turned off the main lights, I feel safer dancing in the dark, feel less exposed, even while alone at home.

Done some Qi Gong this morning, it's such good exercise. Really works out the muscles a goodun. Been struggling with 'comfort' eating and I want to lose weight. Exercise seems a way in without poking the binge bear. Hmm. Hopefully.
Hi everyone