Sufferer lifelong cptsd and amnesia problems

Noho Humarie

New Here
Hey, new here...

Just thought I would try out being on a forum. Not good about talking about things. Have had cptsd my whole life, (abusive parents/siblings). Recently realized my amnesia problem was much more severe than I originally thought. I am missing years....

I have been researching health and wellness for trauma healing for quite a while though, and I feel like these memories coming back are probably a good sign that my brain is healing. But it's tough. A lot of people I thought were my friends have been lying to me for a long time. They pretend that nothing ever happened and gaslight me.

Thought it might be good to join a community of fellow survivors. I'm trying to be a 'thriver', but it takes time. I wish the prefix option had something a little more upbeat that "sufferer". Nothing will make ptsd harder than that toxic victim mentality. Life is what it is, and I just want to be strong enough to roll with the punches and get through it alright.

so... hello!


Welcome. Glad you found us. Being a part of this forum has a lot of advantages.

No topic is out of bounds and people all over the world are here.

We find out we aren't alone on our journey and hope you get the benefits of being here.

Take some time and check out the topics and articles. I learn something new all the time.

Glad you are here.


@Noho Humarie , welcome here. I also do struggle with year long amnesia and f*cked up memories, all coming up recently.

Toxic victim mentality can be a real problem, but I don’t think it’s the problem of most of us here. Like you, we keep trying no matter how many times we fall on our faces. And it helps a lot to see that we aren’t alone, that the struggle is real and that, yup, we’re suffering at some point. But it doesn’t mean we cannot have a good life.

This place has helped me so immensely I can’t even describe it. I really hope you’ll find the information and the help you’re looking for.