Life's second half

So, I'm at mid-life atm (age 43) and reflecting a lot on the difference between life's first half and life's second half and wondering what path lays ahead of me.

Anyone who's already transitioned into life's second half got any insights they can share?

All I can feel is that they are really different.

A metaphor I thought of yesterday is:

I spent the first half of my life in a plane, flying higher and higher, seeing how far I could go.

The second half of my life will be jumping out and sky-diving... Floating gently to earth and breathing in the stunning view.


I'm 70 so I qualify for 'second half'. When I turned 40 it seemed that over the next few years I started to slow down and wasn't as driven to prove myself. I look back and see that is when I started to 'fit inside my own skin'. A lot more accepting of myself, still knowing I had struggles ahead but knew I would make it. No more self doubt.

And at the age I am now, it's fascinating the things that used to upset me have no meaning to me anymore. By that I mean I invest my energy in very different things now and just seem to let others be who they are and a lot less stress on whether I want to stay or go. For instance. I ended a 40 year 'friendship' because it had stopped being that a long time ago.

I just walked away. Did not put myself thru all the things I would have in the past. I wasn't angry, I was just DONE. LIfe in most ways is much more simple now. I've enjoyed a lot in the second half of my life. Much smoother sailing!!