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Lithium-induced goiter

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I've been on lithium for like 5 years. I'm on a low dose and it works pretty darned well. I don't take anything else regularly anymore, though I do have a 10-pill per month prescription for Clonazepam in case of major panic. I never take half of it, but I do take 2-4 pills a month, most of the time.
I developed a lithium-induced goiter. I don't believe it is visible at all. Imaging revealed thyroid nodules like 3 years ago. No one cared then, but I got a new doctor and she sent me in for imaging and a biopsy. Everything is fine. My thyroid is working well and there is no cancer; it's just enlarged.
I've read a lot about continuing lithium even in the presence of a lithium-induced goiter (they are very common) because the symptoms being treated are usually worse than the thyroid issues, but I don't have bipolar. I have mild cPTSD, and that's all. My doctor said we might want to talk about me going off the lithium. I only see him every 3 months, if I'm lucky or unlucky (depending on his mood). I'll probably make an earlier appointment with him now that I have all of my test results back.
Has anyone else had this happen with Lithium? If so, did you keep taking it?
Also, my big worry is that I have an awful attention span and the lithium keeps my mood in check while I'm managing that. Does anyone take anything for attention or mood swings that actually works?
I'm not going to pretend I'm completely objective on this. My Hashimoto's was triggered when I started taking lithium. I also had a goiter. That was almost 14 years ago. I don't have a goiter anymore. That's because my thyroid has completely atrophied. If I don't take my replacement hormones for an extended period (months), I could die.

I stayed on lithium for several years. It was helpful. But I wouldn't mess around with your thyroid. It sounds like you just have a goiter, not hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's, but I wouldn't take your current thyroid function for granted. I wonder if staying on the lithium caused my Hashimoto's to progress faster. My body has not even reached the lower bracket of the usual age at onset, yet my thyroid is now completely nonfunctional. Meanwhile, family members who have Hashimoto's (grandmother, mother, aunts) - who are decades older, still have at least partial function.

Personally, I would listen to your thyroid on this. Maybe you could take lamictal instead?

As for the attention stuff, I take adderall. However, I wish I had never been prescribed it as it no longer has any effect, but I can't function without it.
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