Log Your Daily Exercise


I thought a thread where people can motivate one another by logging your daily exercise, to maybe compete a little, motivate, get others started and competing here in what exercise you do.

I do mean exercise -- in that you actually go and workout -- whether it be power walking, running, cycling, rowing, weights, et cetera. Actual timed exercise where you workout your body.

So I will start....

Saturday -- 30km cycle ride & 5km run.

Sunday -- 30km cycle ride.


I'm a Senior Citizen, so I do a Senior Workout down at the local Senior Center a couple of days a week. It is a full body workout for Seniors and is probably easy compared to others' workouts, but for me it is perfect. I also go out walking, doing 4 blocks or so, sometimes more. I have been on a diet at my Dr.'s orders, because I am at risk of becoming diabetic. I am at the top of my proper BMI and am working to still lose more weight. I eat around 1300 calories per day.

I think this thread is a great idea. Count me in.


Walked a couple miles. Nothing impressive...don't think I even speed walk, but I walk briskly and love walking hills...feels so good, even if I'm a smoker.

Chronic pain doesn't stop me most days either, but my knees and hips are fine (if they weren't I'd probably just do more swimming and Pilates). Walking and resistance training is probably the main reason I'm halfway sane. Diffuses both depression and panic energy (usually helps with pain stuff too)


Saturday -- 30km cycle ride & 5km run.

Sunday -- 30km cycle ride.

Dang! I can't go 5km on a bike...lol. Not sure if it's motivating or makes me want to give up all together!

I used to be huge into anaerobic exercise: gymnastics, diving, softball. But doing cardio stresses me out. Something about running/swimming/cycling away from something. I used to swim but jumping into water in the dead of winter does not sound like fun to me.

This is a great thread. Hubs and I need to take more walks.