London (UK) Therapy/ist recomendations


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Hi so I've just been unceremonially dumped by my therapist because I expressed suicidal ideations, we were doing EDMR for 10 months or so, I've spent years doing talking therapies with other therapists on the NHS. If anyone in London can recommend a good therapist for trauma processing who aims to tackle PTSD in a curative way please let me know. I'm seeking a LGBTQ friendly therapist ASAP.

thank you x


Perhaps look into clinics of sexual health as they have counselors for people who suffered rape. There is one in the east end that seemed very friendly to me. If they don't have the service itself, they probably will know where to find the right one. It must be somewhere on my history I'll have a lookup and hope I can find the name and the address again. I think it was somewhere on the Victoria line but I might be wrong.

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