Sufferer Long-standing CPTSD but no treatment yet


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Hi, I’m in my 30’s diagnosed with cptsd in my early 20’s but, have never have undergone any treatment. My brother recently sent me a link to an Aces quiz for childhood trauma which resulted in me finding this forum. I scored a 9/10. I’ve always thought it’s important to just forget about it and keep moving. But, I am and have been a functional addict most of my life. I was a very smart and studious kid and I didn’t even graduate highschool. Im married and have a great family but, we struggle financially etc . I suffer from fairly severe anxiety that basically never stops. I can’t even drive on the highway. I feel like I’m too old to blame my problems on my shitty childhood but, it was so bad. I just don’t know how to fix my mind.


welcome linds. i have a 9/10 as well (my parents never got divorced! score!) and it can feel very alienating. your age and that your issues are with due to child hood that is not an invaledating reason of things. childhood effects adulthood. when you are mistreated so categorecally as a child it effects the way of which your brain develops.

you have a diagnosis that confirms this (cptsd). i also struggle with addiction. it's not easy! but you can make forward momentem. it just takes effort and practice and time. the three worst things! any how i am pleased of that you found this forum and i hope that you can feel a bit less alone from this stuff. it can be quite heavy.


Hi @Linds19 ! Welcome to the forum. I’m sorry your childhood has been so hard on you and it’s been tainting most of your adult life. It really sucks. But you don’t have to remain in this place forever. What has happened to us does impact the way we behave afterwards more than what we might admit, but it’s seeing it and not just keep moving that allows you to heal. Would therapy be something affordable for you?


Welcome. I hope you being here affords you the time to read the many articles. The many threads and interactions with people who feel just like you do. That had many of the same feelings and sometimes the same situations occur.

It is thru reading here that you find you aren't alone. And you are also not alone in not knowing how to move forward. A lot of information here. Free. Just for you.

You can start a thread and ask questions. Ask for feedback. Or just vent.

Glad you found us.