Look Back on your 2021 Therapy Achievements


Thanks for this thread!

It was a tough but productive year.
-New parts came up, and one of them worked very, very hard to be comfortable around others, and the other has become one of my guiding lights
-Came out as bigender to family, friends, and a few coworkers, and am figuring out what that means for my system
-We're learning how to support ourselves with the help of the female parts
-And the biggest thing, a lot of our parts are now co-conscious. That's a huge challenge, because now a whole cluster of parts will experience and remember past trauma. The trauma is less compartmentalized, which means an opportunity to move forward, but also difficult experiences in the present.
Wow, a huge achievement! Having co-conscious parts involves a lot of work and is not easy, well done! And so many other achievements on top of it, congrats! It is hard though, knowing it's kind of a double edged sword as more difficult memories will come your way and I have to remind myself quite frequently that although it's difficult it means a less dissociated, better functioning self in present life and reduces the stress on my physical body from all the hiding memories.

I kept going instead of following my natural response and running away.

I told T the full truth about what happened after two years of sessions. (I mean, mostly, there is still stuff trapped in my head, but that’s about later and I’m warming to the idea of talking about it).

I wrote. A lot.

I started to accept things weren’t all my fault.
Amazing! My natural response is to run away too and it's hard to get your feet to plant still when your mind is telling you to do the opposite.

I write a lot too. It is probably the best way of processing things for me, but it can be really hard to do also. Well done. :)